Sunday, January 07, 2018

No Ideas For A Title

Please note that during this post, it's theoretically possible that I will seem down on myself - I'm not particularly trying to be; I'm just trying to put things into my perspective.

I don't really post here as much as I probably ought. A journal/blog/whatever can be a good way to express frustrations and get things out there - this is something I agree with. However, I am apparently the sort of person that craves/needs feedback or I don't bother. I'm coming to realize this more fully.

For example, my friend Tegan inspired me to re-start my "Selfie of the Day" and "Tarot of the Day". For a while, I did this, as you can see in previous posts. But then I skipped a day here or there. Then I quit posting them altogether. As you can see, I haven't posted anything for about eight days or so now. I'll get into the reasons behind it. Bear in mind, I know it's mainly emotional thinking, and that logically I should probably know better. But it's not that easy.

  • "Selfie of the Day" - This one is difficult. I don't like having my picture taken normally. As a general rule, I feel more or less okay with myself and how I look. Sometimes I think I look good, or even *gasp!* sexy. But then I see myself in a pic that was taken of me, or see myself in the mirror, and I hate what I see. Yet I never seem to have the motivation/drive to do anything about it. Right now though I'd settle for my hair growing in faster - I miss my ponytail. 
  • "Tarot of the Day" - Suffice to say, I am not confident in my diving skill, so I rely on other sources to translate what I draw. I am also very poorly skilled at shuffling, so I'm never sure I'm getting the "right" card. I started using one app to translate, and while I think it's good, it's also wordy. I added a second app to the mix, which is more brief, but similar. I also used the booklet that came with my deck to translate, and it's short and sweet. But...I get no feedback. I don't know why I feel like I need feedback for a tarot card, but apparently, I do. I guess so I can try and get opinions on what exactly it might be trying to tell me, because I am never really sure. 
So there you have it, as far as that goes. The feedback thing is also true for Facebook. Even though I rarely post there, I like acknowledgement that it has at least been seen, if not commented on. Lack of feedback is likely what leads me to barely post. I guess at this point I just have my accounts to follow other people. That's what's largely on my mind at present that I feel I need to get off my chest. 

Oh...and before I forget, I want to post this here:

Original credit goes to user doggles on imgur. Although it's come to my attention that this app does essentially the same thing. Eh, I thought it was a neat thing to do to try and gauge your moods. Stuff like that helps a therapist out when trying to help you. 

By this point, I've gotten distracted from anything else I might have wanted to say, though presently I can't think of anything I might have wanted to say anyway. 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tarot of the Day - The Hanged Man

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: surrender, new perspective, waiting, sacrifice, release

Description: The Hanged Man is a card of patience, contemplation and sacrifice.

The greatest benefit will be had when you are able to let go. Don't try to control the present situation. Try to make peace with uncertainty.

Take time to observe your environment and situation from a new perspective. Review what has come before. Notice the blessings that came out of hardship. it is a good time to look at past Tarot readings and journal writings in the new light of the present.

A sacrifice may be required now in order to move forward.

Now is a time to get in touch with the spiritual aspects of yourself.

Alternate Interpretation: Golden Thread Tarot

Keywords: sacrifice, release, martyrdom

Description: Though the hanged man is swinging upside down, the serenity of his expression seems to communicate that he is doing this of his own free will. The hanged man understands the value of self-sacrifice. One must take a step backward to move ahead.

Alternate Interpretation: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Booklet

A sacrifice is said to bring eventual reward and still she waits. The understanding is to be born anew. And in being so, allow us to see our failings from a new perspective. By such surrender would we shine with the glory of divine awareness?

The Hanged Man represents the spirit of renunciation and sacrifice.

Normal Position: Life in suspension, transition, apathy and dullness, boredom, abandonment, sacrifice, repentance, readjustment, regeneration, improvement, surrender

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 11:18am

Feeling: Meh

Plans for the Day: Make a dent in the laundry. Get kids to work on chores. Maybe write or play some WoW,

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Five of Pentacles

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: lack of security, unstable, scarcity thinking, alienation, illness, supportive friends

Description: When this card appears your sense of security is threatened.

It may be that you actually lack the  money or resources that you need, or that you are anxious that you will not be able to meet your needs. You may be feeling ashamed or fearful of relying on the support of others. Ill health may be preventing you from securing material resources.

it may also be that you have chosen to forgo some material comfort voluntarily, as a spiritual practice or in support of others.

The lesson to be learned in this card is that you are not alone. Times of need are when we reach out to others or pursue spiritual practices. These social and spiritual connections are indispensable in allowing us to persevere through hard times.

When this card appears pay attention to the wealth you have or that is readily available to you for the asking.

Alternate Interpretation: Golden Thread Tarot

Keywords: need, poverty, insecurity

Description: A time of need and desperation. Sometimes signals difficulties with one's relationship to money. But this card also signals that there is help available if one chooses only to see and acknowledge it.

Alternate Interpretation: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Booklet

Battle-weary and in need of comfort, you lie here at the end of the day and wallow in your  misery. When you should be taking the experiences from your hardship and extolling their virtues to your soul.

Normal Position: material trouble, destitution, loss, failure, error, lover, affection.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 9:00am

Feeling: Meh

Plans for the Day: Go to appointments.