Sunday, February 22, 2015


World of Warcraft 

My guild is called Is My Geek Showing, and they're a good group of people. My main character is a level 100 Night Elf Hunter named Daevana, with a level 90 Pandaren Shaman alt named Amatsukami. I started retail World of Warcraft in January of 2014, but as of late my interest in the game has waned, and I'm not entirely sure why. Part of me wonders if it had something to do with my social anxiety, or if it's a lack of interest in general.

I haven't been doing hardly anything on Daevana when I do log in, except collect work orders and rarely help out my husband with trapping or the apexis assault. Amatsukami was the character I level boosted when I purchased Warlords of Draenor, and I think I chose poorly. I have a Warrior alt I leveld to 5, and a Paladin alt I haven't played yet - I just can't seem to drum up any interest right now.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how I could regain my interest would be greatly appreciated.


At present I am participating in two games, with a potential up in the air for me to run. 

Vampire: The Masquerade


The ghouls game is set in the Classic World of Darkness, using the 20th Anniversary Edition rules. I've got a webpage for it here. But it's basically a game that my husband is running, wherein a friend of ours and myself are the players. It has been extremely fun, and I look forward to it every week.

Seattle By Night

Another ghouls game is set in the Classic World of Darkness, using the 20th Anniversary Edition rules. This is the up i n the air game, as I haven't been able to sit down with the interested partiesto do character creation. The webpage for it is here - pretty barebones at the moment, however.


Vampires is a game set in the Classic World of Darkness, using the 20th Anniversary Edition rules. This game is one being run by my husband, with myself and our two oldest children as players. As they are only 10 and 8, the game is toned down for them. We haven't had many sessions, due to the eldest getting distracted by tv when it's on, but they seem to have fun when we do play, which is what matters. 

New World of Darkness

Recently I've grown interested in the new World of Darkness (aka World of Darkness 2.0) a little, thanks to their Dark Eras kickstarter (which seems highly interesting, if nothing else). 

I did some research via the White Wolf Wiki and a post on the official Onyx Path forums helped out in giving me some decent summaries of each of the game lines. I'm interested in reading up on Vampire: The Requiem, Mage: The Awakening, Changeling: The Lost and Demon: The Descent. On the forums it was suggested that I start with the second edition stuff as it comes out, and right now VtR is the only second edition book out. 

I've resisted for so very long on learning anything about this line (the first books came out in 2004) because I was comparing it to the classic World of Darkness. This time around I tried to look at them on their own merit. It'll be a slow process, reading the books, just because of the way I've been with books in general lately. There's also no telling if anyone I know would be interested in playing after I am done reading (whenever that is), so I suppose you could say between the two I am feeling a little discouraged. 


  1. I went through the same thing with WoW when LK came out, but I had been playing since the beginning. In fact, I never really went back and quit last year completely.

    I don't think I live in your area, but I do currently LARP and ST in an OWBN game for VtM.

    What are the games you are currently playing in?

  2. I've been playing since Vanilla too. Lost our (my and my husband's) account when BC came out, then started doing private servers. got back into retail last year. It's just end game stuff is boring, probably because I don't raid, and can't get the gear requirement to do so.

    Probably not in my area, unless you're in or near Fremont, Ohio :)

    Not familiar with OWBN.

    Currently pretty much just playing in the V20 Ghouls game my husband is running.

  3. Actually, not too far from you.
    I live in a small rural town 1 hr East of Columbus, OH.

    Not familiar with OWBN? Congrats, that means you still own your soul. Lol.