Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bits and Blogs

I've had several blogs over the years, starting way back in the early 2000's - I don't know precisely when. LJ claims May of 2004, but I know it had to be earlier than that - at least 2001/2002, based on where I was living at the time I signed up for it.

I had a Tumblr account, but since Tumblr confuses the hell out of me and I hate the interface, I recently deleted it.

I still have a Wordpress account (simply titled Synderryn's Blog), which mirrors my personal blog here on Blogger.

I don't know when I signed up for my Blogger account. It's come up and gone down so often, I have no real idea of when it was established any longer. I've had several blogs under Blogger, but have deleted many, restarted a few, and on and on.

Presently, I have Daily DissertationsSyn's ReflectionsRPG Voices, and Eclectic Esoterics; the latter of which is a multi-author blog.

Daily Dissertations is my private blog, blocked from search engines and anyone except myself. It is a form of therapy for me, and a place where I can rant, rave, bitch and vent about whatever or whomever I so choose, without having to worry about repercussions.

Syn's Reflections  is my personal blog in the public eye. Some of the material from my private blog may get cross-posted over, if I deem it harmless enough. Partial posts may get crossed over, because I do value opinions, criticisms and perspectives.

RPG Voices is for posts in the voices and perspectives of my various roleplaying characters. I may add other blog authors in the future, but I haven't decided yet. This is one of the blogs I deleted, so older posts aren't there. Primarily right now I think it's just posts from one character's journal.

Eclectic Esoterics is for multiple authors to post our thoughts, spells, prayers, lessons, teachings, etc. along our chosen paths of faith. I haven't posted yet, but I plan to try and do so today or tomorrow, for Lughnasadh.

On to other matters, now that I've got that little ramble over with.

So far today things have been going pretty well, and while there's still five or six hours of wakefulness left, I don't foresee things getting any worse. Tomorrow I need to take Ethan to his speech class, and do some more grocery shopping.