Tuesday, August 04, 2015

On Roleplaying cont.

Continuing from yesterday, I was looking at the Onyx Path Publishing site today, on their current projects status. They have status bars for everything they currently have going, and apparently things have 9 stages. So I looked at stuff there to see where it stood - the stuff that I'm interested in that wasn't mentioned int he pamphlet I downloaded yesterday, that is.

Please note that all this info is copied from their website onto my blog. Keep in mind also that I am only listing what I am interested in.

The times listed on this page indicate intent, and are not a guarantee. As time progresses, circumstances may interfere with our intent. Details subject to change. Keep checking back here for the most up-to-date information.
Progress bars list nine (9) production stages: first draft, redlines, second draft, development, editing, post-editing development, layout and art direction, CCP approvals, and release. PDFs are released first, then any changes are collected and made before final print proofs are ordered.


VTM – The Black Hand: A Guide to the Tal’Mahe’Ra: Akin to the previous Guides to the CamarillaSabbat, and Anarchs, a sect book covering the True Black Hand. 240 pages. PDF/PoD/Possible Deluxe Kickstarter.
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VTM – Ghouls: V20 contained a large section on Ghouls, and this book is intended to expand on that info and really delve deep into the twilight lives of these empowered yet enslaved creatures: lovers, slaves, guardians, betrayers. 120 pages. Developer: Matt McElroy. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter
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VTM – Beckett’s Jyhad Diary: Gives concrete advice on how to use Masquerade’s wealth of cool canon characters and exciting events in a V20 chronicle. Includes advice on how to run players through metaplot, as inTransylvania by Night or The Giovanni Chronicles160 pages. PDF/PoD/Possible Deluxe Kickstarter.
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VTM – Lore of the Clans: This volume would revisit the Clans as a collection of mini-clanbooks, with each clan’s subsection arranged in the same format. Each Clan gets new story hooks, character concepts, and history. 240 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.
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Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition: A letter of love to our Oblivion fans. In style and philosophy a matching volume to V20.Developer: Richard Dansky
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Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition: A letter of love to our Dreaming fans. In style and philosophy a matching volume to V20.Developer: Matt McFarland. PDF/PoD?Deluxe Kickstarter.
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WTA – Changing Ways: Explores the psychology of Garou as archetypal hunter and religious fanatic, the mindset of a character that wasn’t born among humans, and the strange and sometimes disturbing powers that our protagonists derive from the spirit world. 160 pages. PDF/PoD.
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VTM – V20 Ready-Made Characters.
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WTA – Kinfolk: A book on Kinfolk presents the Apocalypse War from the point of view of characters who aren’t the Sacred Warriors. They’re just normal folks with a monster lurking in the foliage of the family tree, who may or may not know what’s really going on—the Imperial Guard to the Garou’s Space Marines. The whole field has a lot of really meaty horror to get into, from the paranoid conspiracy angle—Waco from the Branch Davidians’ side—to one family with a shotgun against Banes, fomori, and everything else. Developer: Stew Wilson
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MTAs – Victorian Mage: This book will cover the Victorian era with as much detail and respect for sources as Victorian Age: Vampire. VA: Mage will cover 1880 to 1897, building on the foundation of the Order of the Golden Dawn, and revealing the foundation of the modern Technocracy.320 pages. PDF/PoD/Possible Deluxe Kickstarter.
MTAs – Digital Web 3.0: The Digital Web for the new millennium. Explores the ins and outs of one of Mage’s most iconic features as a game of modern magick. 160 pages. PDF/PoD.


These products will be coming, but due to their creation as Kickstarter stretch goal rewards, have no solid place on the schedule.
VTM – Lore of the BloodlinesDeveloper: Eddy Webb. PDF/PoD
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V20DA – V20 Dark Ages QuickstartPDF/PoD
V20DA – V20 Dark Ages Tome of SecretsPDF/PoD
WTA – Houses of the MoonPDF/PoD
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WTA – Pentex Employee Indoctrination HandbookPDF/PoD
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MTAs – How Do You DO That?!: Practical Guide to Sphere Magick60,000+ words. PDF/PoD
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MTAs – Book of the Fallen100,000+ words. PDF/PoD
MTAs – Gods, Monsters, and Other Familiar Strangers: An M20 Character Compendium115,000+ words. PDF/PoD
MTAs – M20 Book of Secrets180,000+ words. PDF/PoD
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MTAs – M20 CookbookPDF/PoD
MTAs – Technocracy: ReloadedPDF/PoD


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