Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So Far, So Good

My schedule has been thrown off a little bit today by a two hour school delay, due to fog. Therefore, I feel a little thrown off today, but not too bad. Still getting stuff done.

Thus far today, I have some aches and pains (a toothache with accompanying jaw and ear pain, as well as a minor headache (all on the left side) as a result), and my right knee area is stiff and sore from where I fell the other day.

I've blogged my card of the day and my selfie, gotten the kids showered and dressed, pulled meat out for dinner and started a load of laundry. Typical stuff, really.

Was going through my G+ feed last night, and was once again struck by how hokey and superficial some things seem to me. This is a topic, I feel, for Eclectic Esoterics, so look for it there in the near future, if you are interested. I'm sure people won't share my opinions on the matter (my opinions seem to be unpopular recently), but it's how I feel about things. I'm not going to do something that feels stupid to me, just because it's the supposed norm, you know?

Last night in guild went well. They were talking military as a way to get schooling, and I stated my opinion as thus: "Or you could, you know, be intelligent and not join the military." My husband, bless him, attempted to defend me and explain what I meant, only to get lashed out at by one particular individual. So he (my husband) signed off, feeling angry and hurt over a few related things, and a comment was made to the effect of how he (the argumentative person) wasn't about to let him (my husband) play victim and say he was belittled. So I went off on him, because that's exactly what happened. Ugh, guild drama. So I take away from this to never have an opinion in guild chat - it'll just devolve into an argument.

I was going to write after doing some WoW things, however after that debacle I wasn't in the mood. I'm going to try and write later today, however, over at RPG Voices. I want to do some writing on my character from the game my husband is running - mainly about things previous to when we started gaming, as a way to help flesh out the character more. I already did a basic backstory before game began - I just mean doing filler/fluff information.

Kids still  have an hour before they need to leave! *sigh* It feels like a long day already :(

On a different note, Google Play Music could use some improvement! I like the fact that you can upload your own music and all, but you cannot share that track or those playlists with anyone - only your purchased music. That's annoying to me. Guess if I want to embed the track for this post I find it on youtube, eh?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I decided today to delete my private blog. I've barely been writing in it, and if I want to write to myself, I can just have a document in Google Docs or Google Keep or something.

I wrote my Open Letter To Friends and Family on the 20th. It is now the 22nd, and out of the fifteen I advised of that post, I have heard from approximately eight. Just eight. And of the several family members I had friended that I know shared stuff out daily...I have heard from two. Only two - out of at least six family members. How depressing is that? I guess I know who really cares now.

Productivity today has been good. I have opted to wait to do laundry until kids get home so I can see if school clothes need to be washed or not, but I banged out everything on my morning to-do's by the time the kids left for school. The only additional thing I have gotten done is get in a housing app over at a place I was on the waiting list for. They were taken over by new management, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that things go smoothly - I really want to get out of this hellhole.

Injured myself yesterday, rather badly in the left shoulder and below the right knee. I was helping a friend carrying his brand new still-in-the-box 55 gallon fish tank aquarium kit up the stairs to his new place and as we were turning the corner into his apartment, I tripped, falling first to my knee and the forward onto the floor. Nothing broke, just bruised and sore.

On family life, things have been going well. Kids have been doing good in school, though at home we've had several brat issues with my daughter. She's been grounded three or four times this past week alone because of attitude. My oldest has been very helpful and very well behaved, even when sick the end of last week, and my youngest has been pretty good as well.

Personally, I am doing far better on my new medication than my old. I am much more motivated, I am getting things done, and I actually want to do things - I don't just sit here and stare off into space or fall asleep. As for hobbies, I don't have many of those. I've mainly been listening to my various Spotify playlists and setting aside songs that might work as good prompts for a piece of fiction to write over at Creative Scribbles or as songs to put on one of the many soundtracks I have for the games I am involved in.

Roleplaying has been going well. I've been running Salem with my husband and a friend, and will be adding someone new to the mix soon. On Friday we will be starting New Orleans after planning it for a while - which reminds me, I need to help someone with their character and make sure they're available Friday and not going to be raiding. The Ghouls game hasn't happened for at least a week - things just haven't come together in order to be able to play.

I haven't been playing much World of Warcraft recently. Nothing about it has been terribly appealing. I need to work on getting flying in Draenor, and I have people that will help me with that...I just haven't logged on, and I can't figure out exactly why I don't want to. Things are hinky with the guild - an officer pulled all his toons out and at least one other person went with him. I don't know the reason, and I'm not sure I want to know. On the plus side it looks as though my husband may get promoted to officer soon, as he was invited to the officer meeting this weekend. 

Movie or Television wise, I only watch movies over dinner. So that's only ten to thirty minutes of a movie at a time. Presently, I am on Legends of the Fall. I had planned to binge watch Supernatural, but I don't know if that's in the cards. I tried sitting down to watch it one day and kept getting interrupted. It pissed me off and I haven't tried going back to the series yet. So it isn't that I don't like the series itself - just that I hate interruptions!

Yesterday I went through and deleted things off my computer that I didn't need, use or have even looked at in months - years, in some cases. So gone went some documents (anything I wanted to keep but didn't need immediate access to were zipped up), gone went some pictures (any pictures I kept went into my wallpapers folder for John's Background Switcher to utilize), and gone went a bunch of games I had stored on my system. From there I reinstalled a program I had accidentally uninstalled and organized my recent downloads into appropriate folders.

I think I might start leaving off my posts with whatever song I'm listening to, assuming I'm listening to music. I am now, however, so I'm going to embed the Spotify code here. Who knows, but it might be that you find something new you like!

Enjoy the music! Imma gonna go eat a caramel.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Open Letter to Friends and Family

I have determined that Facebook is harmful to my mental health and well-being. Therefore, effective immediately I will deleting my account.

All contacts will be removed, and all pages will be unfollowed. If I can find a way to delete Facebook and keep my Spotify, I will be doing that.

If you wish to maintain contact with me, you will have to use one of the following methods with which to do so. I am sorry if this is inconvenient, however my mental and emotional well-being is more important.


Google Hangouts - you only need a google account for this. They are free, and you can get hangouts on computer as a browser page, as a chrome app (google chrome is your required browser), android, or iphone. You can add me via my email address (, or look for me by name, Erica House-Lantto.

Skype - you can download it for free here, and get a free account. Additioanlly you can get it for android and iphone. My username is akisora_chan.

Please note that if I do not recognize your username, I will not respond or honor your request to be added. So in your initial message to me, please explain who you are.

You may comment on this blog, as i have switched it so that anyone may comment. This should apply to past posts, as well as future ones.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Musical Opinion

Going through my downloaded music, and found out one of my discographies were incomplete (Nightwish), so I had to grab their last two albums (and convert one from FLAC to MP3, but that's beside the point). In listening to each track from every album, I have discovered my tastes have changed a little.

Tarja Turunen was their lead singer for the band from 1996 until 2005, when she was dismissed because the band felt that she,  her husband and commercial interests had changed her attitude towards the band. But anyway, I've found that although I appreciate her voice talent, I don't like a lot of the songs because everything seems to have that very opera like quality to it, and it's just not something I want in my music. Her vocals wee featured in the albums Angels Fall First (1997), Oceanborn (1998), Wishmaster (2000), Century Child (2002), and Once (2004).

Anette Olzon was brought in as Tarja's replacement, and her vocals aren't as...high pitched? I want to say. I like them better, though I was resistant initially. She was with the band from 2006 until her dismissal in 2012 due to "the direction and the needs of the band were in conflict, and this has led to a division from which we cannot recover" according to a press statement released on Facebook. Her vocals were featured on the albums Dark Passion Play (2007), Imaginaerum (2011).

Floor Jansen was brought in as a permanent replacement for Anette in 2013. Her vocals are featured on the band's latest album Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015), and I hadn't heard her until today. I must say I am liking her vocals very much.

I decided to post here a video from the different eras of the band, for each female lead singer.

Tarja Turunen singing "Wish I Had An Angel" from Once (2004)

Anette Olzon singin "Amaranth" from Dark Passion Play (2007)

Floor Jansen singing "Elan" from Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kind of an Introspection?

Very much a kind of blah right now.

I haven't posted here in ages, because I don't feel that anything i need to write can be said because people I don't want to see it will see it, and I don't write in my private blog because what's the point of doing that when there's no possibility of feedback anyway?

I don't even know why I'm writing now. Guess I'll try to cover a few things.

School finally started back up. Thank god for that! They were driving me insane being home all the time. Jack and Katy started on the 1st of September, while Ethan didn't start until the 3rd. Then there was Labor Day, which resulted in a three day weekend for them, so this upcoming week will be their first full week of school. I shall relish in the five days a week of peace and quiet - just wish I had more to do during that time.

Speaking of things to do, I made a list of things to do when I'm bored or depressed.

  • Blogging
    • Do a daily blog
    • Talk about favorite rpg's
  • World of Warcraft
    • Play an alt
    • Play at all
    • Read one new piece of WoW lore
    • Read wow lore chronologially
    • Set up an alt guild
      • Think of names for alt guild
        • Don't Worry, I'm Caffeinated
  • Other
    • Color once a week and scan in and put it up
    • Do yoga or pilates
    • Read a wicca book
    • Read a fiction book

As you've probably guessed by now, things are going remarkably well. Oh wait, let me turn off my sarcasm.

Prior to this format, the list was about creating a personal website. Which I did, in fact, do. I just look at it now as a colossal waste of time project, because no one will ever look at the damn thing. I guess I am doing some things on the list now - after all, I'm writing this blog. So let's talk about the other stuff on the list, in order.

Do a daily blog - Well, that's what this is, isn't it?

Talk about favorite rpg's - I'll get to games in short order, but as for my favorite rpg? Probably Vampire: The Masquerade. It's what I've played the most, understand the most, and enjoy the most, out of what I've tried. There's others out there, but this is the one I like best.

World of Warcraft - While I am excited for the next expansion it's not here yet, and I haven't logged in for more than a few minutes - maybe an hour, tops - all month. I don't know what it is, exactly, save for perhaps I'm not fond of endgame content? I don't know...that still wouldn't be an excuse for not playing an alt. Only thing I have been kind of excited about is making my own guild again. Not that I don't like the one I'm in, mind you, because I do. Maybe I just want the challenge? I don't know if anyone would follow me, however.

Color once a week and scan in and put it up - I haven't found the right picture to spark a desire to color yet. Been downloading line art that I like, but nothing jumps up and yells PRINT ME!!! Maybe I'm waiting for us to get a working scanner? The one we have won't scan because that printer is out of ink.

Do Yoga or Pilates - Yea, this hasn't started yet. I'm depressed about the fact that I've gained six fucking pounds since last month when I saw the doctor. I need to look up or download vids for exercising, I think, and try to do them on my own, then h ope I don't get all anxious about doing them while people are around, even if the only person home is my husband and he won't make fun of me for doing them, even though the anxiety says he might. 

Read a Wicca book - I have a ton of these, and I've only cracked open a few. I blame it on retention, and having to read, and then re-read because my mind wanders off, but I don't know if that's really the problem or not. Point being, I haven't done it, and doubt I am going to do it any time soon. 

Read a fiction book - More or less the same as above. I haven't tried reading in a while though - I quit because Ethan kept knocking or yanking the tablet out of my hands any time I tried to read. I also feel overwhelmed by what I have to catch up on, that at this point I might as well start the series they belong to over from scratch. If I do that, should I review them, or would that be too much of a pain in the ass? I don't know, but it's a thought I didn't think of before. 

That's all that's on my list, and it seems pathetically small, but I've got little else I can feasibly do, I think. I don't know why i'm going to all this trouble to write stuff down - betting no one will comment. And there I go with the negative thoughts again! Got to get out of this rut. And that's probably what this is - a rut that I feel stuck in and unable to escape from. I started a sentence with and...aren't you supposed to never do that? Oh well - what's done is done and I'm not going to bother changing it now. 

Thinking that perhaps I should add some writing goals to my to-do list as well. Maybe some day if I plod away enough at it and don't get too down on myself and overly dissect my work, I  could publish something, even if it's only a self-publish. 

Oh, and I should probably add binge watch Supernatural on there as well. Wont' be hard to enjoy, it's just a matter of not getting constantly interrupted - which is probably another reason I don't read. I hate being interrupted, it pisses me off. By that same token, I need to learn to not interrupt others when they are talking or doing things. 

I said I was going to talk about the roleplaying games that I currently havve (or until recently, had) on my syngames site )those are games in progress or about to begin). 

Dungeons & Dragons: Princes of the Apocalypse: It's been over a month since we played, so I removed the game from the syngames site. I honestly don't know that we're ever going to get back to it, and it's been so long since we played that I cannot remember anything that has happened, nor can I recall anything about my character. I have to look up my character sheet just to remember her name, 

World of Darkness: Mage - A game that was brought up and changed GM hands before it's even been begun. Twice even. The book (a monstrosity of a book, I might add) hasn't even been fuly read. And while some characters have been created, not everyone has made a acharacter, and ideas have not been coming for it, so it's fallen by the wayside, potentially to get picked back up at a later time, but who knows. 

World of Darkness: New Orleans - I had the idea to run a game, and got ideas based of a cheesy SyFy movie that I had ended up really liking. Others took interest, and not everyone has a completed character yet, or at all, in some cases, but the foundation is there, and ideas are there. Just waiting on hearing when a potential start date could be. A little concerned this may never get off the ground, due to conflicting schedules. 

World of Darkness: Salem - Actively being played right now. There's been three sessions, although the first session was retconned due to someone losing their character and not being able to remember enough about it to recreate it. So a new character was made and we started over again. Two sessions in, and it's been a good amount of fun so far. 

World of Darkness: Ghouls 2.0 - By far the game I am having the most fun with so far. Unlike Salem, I am not running this game, which may be part of the reason for the tons of fun. Been playing for a while, and quite a bit has happened, as is covered by character journals, but I want to play more, and hopefully sooner rather than later. 

Honestly? That's fairly accurate, though I don't think I dislike myself as much as I used to. Am I addicted to rp? Pretty much...I want to do it all the time, assuming it's the right game. Been trying to reign in asking to play all the time, and I think I've been doing ok, although I still talk about it a lot. 

There should be more here. I've been writing for at least an hour, maybe more, and it doesn't feel like enough has been put to this entry, and yet I've run out of things to say, I think.