Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I decided today to delete my private blog. I've barely been writing in it, and if I want to write to myself, I can just have a document in Google Docs or Google Keep or something.

I wrote my Open Letter To Friends and Family on the 20th. It is now the 22nd, and out of the fifteen I advised of that post, I have heard from approximately eight. Just eight. And of the several family members I had friended that I know shared stuff out daily...I have heard from two. Only two - out of at least six family members. How depressing is that? I guess I know who really cares now.

Productivity today has been good. I have opted to wait to do laundry until kids get home so I can see if school clothes need to be washed or not, but I banged out everything on my morning to-do's by the time the kids left for school. The only additional thing I have gotten done is get in a housing app over at a place I was on the waiting list for. They were taken over by new management, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that things go smoothly - I really want to get out of this hellhole.

Injured myself yesterday, rather badly in the left shoulder and below the right knee. I was helping a friend carrying his brand new still-in-the-box 55 gallon fish tank aquarium kit up the stairs to his new place and as we were turning the corner into his apartment, I tripped, falling first to my knee and the forward onto the floor. Nothing broke, just bruised and sore.

On family life, things have been going well. Kids have been doing good in school, though at home we've had several brat issues with my daughter. She's been grounded three or four times this past week alone because of attitude. My oldest has been very helpful and very well behaved, even when sick the end of last week, and my youngest has been pretty good as well.

Personally, I am doing far better on my new medication than my old. I am much more motivated, I am getting things done, and I actually want to do things - I don't just sit here and stare off into space or fall asleep. As for hobbies, I don't have many of those. I've mainly been listening to my various Spotify playlists and setting aside songs that might work as good prompts for a piece of fiction to write over at Creative Scribbles or as songs to put on one of the many soundtracks I have for the games I am involved in.

Roleplaying has been going well. I've been running Salem with my husband and a friend, and will be adding someone new to the mix soon. On Friday we will be starting New Orleans after planning it for a while - which reminds me, I need to help someone with their character and make sure they're available Friday and not going to be raiding. The Ghouls game hasn't happened for at least a week - things just haven't come together in order to be able to play.

I haven't been playing much World of Warcraft recently. Nothing about it has been terribly appealing. I need to work on getting flying in Draenor, and I have people that will help me with that...I just haven't logged on, and I can't figure out exactly why I don't want to. Things are hinky with the guild - an officer pulled all his toons out and at least one other person went with him. I don't know the reason, and I'm not sure I want to know. On the plus side it looks as though my husband may get promoted to officer soon, as he was invited to the officer meeting this weekend. 

Movie or Television wise, I only watch movies over dinner. So that's only ten to thirty minutes of a movie at a time. Presently, I am on Legends of the Fall. I had planned to binge watch Supernatural, but I don't know if that's in the cards. I tried sitting down to watch it one day and kept getting interrupted. It pissed me off and I haven't tried going back to the series yet. So it isn't that I don't like the series itself - just that I hate interruptions!

Yesterday I went through and deleted things off my computer that I didn't need, use or have even looked at in months - years, in some cases. So gone went some documents (anything I wanted to keep but didn't need immediate access to were zipped up), gone went some pictures (any pictures I kept went into my wallpapers folder for John's Background Switcher to utilize), and gone went a bunch of games I had stored on my system. From there I reinstalled a program I had accidentally uninstalled and organized my recent downloads into appropriate folders.

I think I might start leaving off my posts with whatever song I'm listening to, assuming I'm listening to music. I am now, however, so I'm going to embed the Spotify code here. Who knows, but it might be that you find something new you like!

Enjoy the music! Imma gonna go eat a caramel.


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