Sunday, September 20, 2015

Open Letter to Friends and Family

I have determined that Facebook is harmful to my mental health and well-being. Therefore, effective immediately I will deleting my account.

All contacts will be removed, and all pages will be unfollowed. If I can find a way to delete Facebook and keep my Spotify, I will be doing that.

If you wish to maintain contact with me, you will have to use one of the following methods with which to do so. I am sorry if this is inconvenient, however my mental and emotional well-being is more important.


Google Hangouts - you only need a google account for this. They are free, and you can get hangouts on computer as a browser page, as a chrome app (google chrome is your required browser), android, or iphone. You can add me via my email address (, or look for me by name, Erica House-Lantto.

Skype - you can download it for free here, and get a free account. Additioanlly you can get it for android and iphone. My username is akisora_chan.

Please note that if I do not recognize your username, I will not respond or honor your request to be added. So in your initial message to me, please explain who you are.

You may comment on this blog, as i have switched it so that anyone may comment. This should apply to past posts, as well as future ones.


  1. Sorry you're leaving, if you ever come back add me. I'm on Skype but rarely have it loaded amykareena. Otherwise I ll just try to follow your blog. Best wishes Erica

  2. Note I won't be able to add anyone to Skype till we are moved in but if you add me I will approve as soon as I can

  3. Love you kitteh momma
    I don't use either program tbh, but I installed Hangouts again if you both ever want to reach me <3