Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So Far, So Good

My schedule has been thrown off a little bit today by a two hour school delay, due to fog. Therefore, I feel a little thrown off today, but not too bad. Still getting stuff done.

Thus far today, I have some aches and pains (a toothache with accompanying jaw and ear pain, as well as a minor headache (all on the left side) as a result), and my right knee area is stiff and sore from where I fell the other day.

I've blogged my card of the day and my selfie, gotten the kids showered and dressed, pulled meat out for dinner and started a load of laundry. Typical stuff, really.

Was going through my G+ feed last night, and was once again struck by how hokey and superficial some things seem to me. This is a topic, I feel, for Eclectic Esoterics, so look for it there in the near future, if you are interested. I'm sure people won't share my opinions on the matter (my opinions seem to be unpopular recently), but it's how I feel about things. I'm not going to do something that feels stupid to me, just because it's the supposed norm, you know?

Last night in guild went well. They were talking military as a way to get schooling, and I stated my opinion as thus: "Or you could, you know, be intelligent and not join the military." My husband, bless him, attempted to defend me and explain what I meant, only to get lashed out at by one particular individual. So he (my husband) signed off, feeling angry and hurt over a few related things, and a comment was made to the effect of how he (the argumentative person) wasn't about to let him (my husband) play victim and say he was belittled. So I went off on him, because that's exactly what happened. Ugh, guild drama. So I take away from this to never have an opinion in guild chat - it'll just devolve into an argument.

I was going to write after doing some WoW things, however after that debacle I wasn't in the mood. I'm going to try and write later today, however, over at RPG Voices. I want to do some writing on my character from the game my husband is running - mainly about things previous to when we started gaming, as a way to help flesh out the character more. I already did a basic backstory before game began - I just mean doing filler/fluff information.

Kids still  have an hour before they need to leave! *sigh* It feels like a long day already :(

On a different note, Google Play Music could use some improvement! I like the fact that you can upload your own music and all, but you cannot share that track or those playlists with anyone - only your purchased music. That's annoying to me. Guess if I want to embed the track for this post I find it on youtube, eh?

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  1. Glad you're doing well and having more energy. Hope you can find some good activities to keep busy.