Monday, October 26, 2015

Random Thoughts

NaNo. It's coming closer, I'm getting more nervous about it, and because of my nerves, I'm creating more self-doubt/esteem issues. My husband is very supportive, and has helped me to calm down - at least for so far today. He has also posited that perhaps I'm getting the self-doubt because I am too close to the subject I chose to write about - in that I chose to write about a specific roleplaying character of mine that it in a current game (not run by me) and an NPC. As a result, I am now rethinking what I might write, and may work more on a secondary option this week (as something to occupy myself, primarily) and see what I want to do come Samhain.

I've finished the first season of Diabolik Lovers, and all that's out for the second season (Diabolik Lovers, More Blood), and I'm still not sure what to make of it. It's at least held my interest, despite short episodes, if nothing else. I wish the episodes were longer though (season one is 15 minutes, season two is 13 minutes...take out time for openings and endings, and that makes for some short episodes!), like the typical 20 minutes, and that they were the typical length for a season (about 24-26 episodes). I did learn that it's based off a series of PSP games, and not a manga as I had previously thought. Now I'm tempted to get an emulator to play them, lol. So apparently, I like the anime, if I must make a conclusion.

I still haven't gotten past the first episode of Dance with Devils yet. I tried to a little bit yesterday, but wasn't really  up for it, so I put the kibosh on it and will try it at a later time.

On a whim, I decided to check into when the next Dark Parables game would be released. I checked Blue Tea Games' Facebook page as opposed to their webpage (since that almost never updates) and found out, via comments on some of their more recent posts, that Dark Parables was now being done by Eipix - checking Wikipedia revealed that they've been in charge of the series since the 8th installment. I haven't played the series since the 5th installment, (but have all 9 of the current installments, and a 10th is to be released next month) so I can't really say how well or how poorly Eipix has done with the franchise.

Played a few hours of World of Warcraft today, and actually managed to get all of my Tanaan dailies done for once. Whilst killing rares, my husband got a mount drop from one, and he earned Draenor Pathfinder, so he is now able to fly in Draenor. I'm at 59.5% of the way to what I need with Order of the Awakened, and 66.4% with Hand of the Prophet. I had to check wowhead for those stats, so while I am there, I am checking to see what else I can do to get those reps up - and it looks like only the dailies, according to the guides. So apparently, it's gonna be a while yet. I could buy a few Medallion of the Legion, but I suck at making money, and at present only have 2k and change, when the medallions are anywhere from 4-6k on the auction house.

Gamed briefly last week, on a friend's birthday. but it wasn't a long session, and we largely only half half the troupe, and my leg started cramping up. I need to get in some time in with the other half of the troupe to cover the same amount of time. Due to scheduling, however, we wont be doing that game this week (Changeling). Salem is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, pending a player's availability (she had to cancel last week to focus on schoolwork, so we didn't play Salem at all). Haven't done the Ghouls game in a while, so am hoping to do that again soon, pending the other player's availability and relative health.

Supposed to do a Samhain ritual with friends this weekend as well. We were originally talking possibly later in the evening on Samhain itself, then switched it to the night before, and then just recently had to switch it to the day after. Halloween has always been more of a commercial holiday to me, but over time I've come to associate it with ancestor worship...I think partly because it's so close to the Day of the Dead. In any case, I want to try and do something ancestor just feels appropriate to me. So I'm going to look through my copy of The Might Dead by Christopher Penczak and see if there's any guided meditation suggestions or rituals in there that might be appropriate.

And with that I end this post. It's taken longer to write than intended (damn interruptions!).

Friday, October 23, 2015


So tonight I checked out yWriter5 and Scrivener a little bit. both seem very confusing to me. I just don't get it. Wouldn't it be, you know...helpful or something to have a wizard or tutorial to walk you through how to use your program? there's a wiki for yWriter5, and I know there's books out there for Scrivener. But it that hard to include a freaking tutorial?

Every other program in the world seems to have one. Granted, I may just be lazy and not want to learn a new program right now (I feel time crunched).

So I'm thinking I'll stick with Google Docs and write there, splitting my chapters up into separate docs. It just seems easier, ya know?

Of course, my mind's been flooding with other questions too, like...

  • Should I write under a pen name, or my real name?
    • Which would look better on a book cover, pen name or real name?
    • What would my pen name even be?
  • How long is a chapter, really?
  • Is anyone going to want to read this when I'm done?
    • What if it's tripe?
    • What if my head words don't translate well into word words?
And other assorted things that I can't think of right now, because I'm still frazzled from my call to the cable company about my internet being down. This woman was so freaking stupid, and she was constantly interrupting!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

NaNo Progress

Finally settled on an idea to write on for NaNoWriMo. The way I see it, I'll probably have more fun writing this particular idea, and I won't feel so crunched trying to do the necessary research. I do not know, at this time, if I will be sharing the story really depends on how it goes, as unless I can generalize it effectively, it's more of a fan fiction

Research wise, I need to figure out the exact setting that I want to use, and descriptions and personalities for all the characters I plan on trying to use. I was waiting to do that until I had settled on an idea. I don't think I'll need to do much with this particular idea, but it doesn't hurt to get it down into a reference document either.

Additionally, I am wondering if I should read the source material for my idea, or just let it flow naturally. I'm thinking naturally, so I can avoid specific terminology and not be able to try and publish if it goes well.

Yeah, I'm ambitious. Why shouldn't I be?

My next concern is a title...I cannot figure out for the life of me what to call the story! It's really bothering me that I can't seem to come up with anything suitable. I'll have to work on that, I suppose...maybe there are some halfway decent name generators out there that might give me some ideas.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I've gotten interested in some anime this season....I don't often pay attention to what's out there anymore, not for the past few years anyway, but for whatever reason I checked this time and found a couple I want to give a try.

Dance With Devils is first up in my "To Watch" folder. While three episodes are out so far, I have only seen the first, and there are technically two musical numbers in it, near the beginning, making me wonder if this sets the tone for the series. All in all, the first episode was enough to get me intrigued enough to watch more of this reverse harem anime from Funimation. For information on a per episode basis, head here.

Ritsuka Tachibana is a female second-year high school student who attends Shiko Academy in Shiko Town. She enjoyed her school life while living with her mother Maria, but one day, that balance fell into ruin when she discovers several of her attractive, male classmate are demons.

Diabolik Lovers, More Blood is the second season, the first being just Diabolik Lovers. I gave the first episode a chance, and it's shorter than most anime - only fifteen minutes in length. And it's kind of...forced? I feel a lot of tropes coming on. I mean...the girls tries to run away, falls, and skins her knee in a room full of vampires. How awful is that? Still, color me curious - I'm going to give it a few more tries.

Diabolik Lovers: The heroine, Komori Yui, was a normal teenage girl until in her second year of high school; her father, a priest, has to go overseas for work. As a result, Yui is forced to move to a new town and arrives alone at a mansion she was told will be her new home. As she approaches the front door it begins to rain. Because no one answers her knock, she reaches for the knob, but the door swings open of its own accord. Yui enters the mansion to find no one in sight. As she starts to explore her immediate surroundings, she finds Ayato asleep on a couch. He wakes up as she approaches him and promptly pins her down. As she begins to panic, five other young men gradually appear. Yui notices something different about all of them. She discovers that all six of them are brothers but by three different mothers, and they all turn out to be vampires...

Diabolik Lovers, More Blood: In addition to the six Sakamaki vampire brothers, four new brothers from the Mukami family: Ruki, Kou, YĆ«ma, and Azusa, enter the daily life of Yui Komori.

What is with me and harem anime this season, lol?

Reflection & Preparation

Yesterday marked exactly one month since I quit Facebook. In that time, I have logged into it approximately once, and that was to follow steps I had found on an external site on how to delete your account, as opposed to just deactivating it. Occasionally, I will check the Humane Society of Sandusky County page, for any updated information on animals/adoptions. that has been the extent of my Facebook contact, and while it was odd at first, I've grown used to it - and you know what? I don't miss it. It has been better for my mental health, not seeing political propaganda and other assorted bullshit on a multiple times per day basis. I no longer get depressed or enraged at other peoples' statuses or lack of likes/comments on my own. End result? I feel much better about myself.

On the NaNoWriMo front, I've completed five outlines for five separate ideas. One idea has already been relegated as not appropriate for novel length, so has been put aside for now. I still have four to deal with. - I plan on seeking advice from friends on what,base don outlines, seems like it could be novel appropriate, and go from there (this process is how I determined the aforementioned idea was more appropriate for a short story format). I'm hoping to get it narrowed down soon (today would be nice), so I can flesh out some of the details needed for the story before I begin (characters, setting, etc) - at least a little bit more so that I can have a better idea of where I am going.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Changes & Other News

As you may have noticed, there has been a slight change to the blog.

Card of the Day posts have been removed from this blog. I have not stopped doing them, don't worry. I have simply moved them over to my group witchy things blog, Eclectic Esoterics, and am directing the sharing of those posts specifically to Pagan Reflections over on Google+.

Selfies of the Day have been removed as well. Don't worry - they're still being taken and they are being saved, in order to turn them into animated GIFs to post at the end of the month - basically, Selfies of the Day has become Selfies of the Month, and will still be posted to my Google+ page. I just did the GIF for September, and posted it here.

I signed up for NaNo today, under my usual nickname of Synderryn, and also located a NaNoWriMo community on Google+ and asked them for advice. I've yet to really pipe up in the other two writing related communities I belong to on G+, Writer's Discussion Group, and Writing Resources - though in looking up the links for those two I joined a third, Writing. I'm actually feeling some anxiety now that I've officially signed up for NaNo. I suppose because I haven't really decided on a story to write (still working on some ideas to flesh out, though I've created outlines for some) and because I haven't settled on what program to write in.

UPDATE: So far, in the NaNoWriMo  community, advice has been to not take things seriously, and figure out if I'm a planner or a pantser, lol.

I'm trying to figure out what other sorts of content I could place in my blog to be of more interest to people, or even just to  myself, that isn't just a constant rehash of the same old thing - though admittedly, my life is pretty simple with few changes in routine,

I could swear there were other things I wanted to discuss, but I can't remember them, and I've already been sitting here attempting to write this for a while now.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Thanks to the support and encouragement of some friends (three) and my husband, I've decided to try and do NaNoWriMo next month. I haven't signed up over there yet, but I will do so soon.

I plan on spending the rest of October listing and outlining a few ideas that I have to see what may yield the best results for my writing attempt.

Additionally, during the rest of this month, I am going to try and figure out what the best programs for writing my story might be. I'm subscribed to a couple of writing communities on Google+, and though I cannot remember if it was advice given to me directly, or something I read in one of the communities, using a program such as Word is not recommended. I had thought about using Google Docs so that everything I had was stored on the cloud, but now I am not so certain. StoryPlanner is a site I learned about via one of the communities today, so I may try them to see if I like it or not. Scrivener is another option I came across, and a friend mentioned having some success with FocusWriter for "distraction free" writing. I'll have to figure out what the best method for me is prior to NaNo, me thinks.

I've got some helper resources on hand already - Writing Fiction For DummiesEureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game MastersUnframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game MastersBloody Hooks, and Bride of Bloody Hooks. I know most of those are roleplaying references, but I thought that they might be extremely helpful for when/if I get stuck at any point. Additionally, I've got some non-vocal music ready to go on Google Play to, well, play when I write.

I've also done some math, figuring out how many days next month my kids have school (barring weather delays or cancellations), and figured out how many words per day I would need to do if I wanted to write only distraction (no kid) free, and it's about 2778, as opposed to 1667 if I wrote every day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I ask of all my readers and/or the people who know me that end up reading this, to please give me your opinions on the subjects contained herein, be it via the comment system or via Skype/Hangouts. I would greatly appreciate the feedback.

I decided to write this post because I've been mulling an idea over, but I'm not sure if I can bring myself to dedicate the time or motivation it takes to devote myself to any of these projects, although some likely need very much to be done.

I am debating whether or not to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I haven't yet decided if I should or not, but it's feasible that I could set aside some quiet time during November to write. For those of you who don't know (though I did provide a link tot he Wiki article, if y ou are so inclined), NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month.

NaNoWriMo challenges participants to write 50,000 words (the minimum number of words for a novel) from November 1 until the deadline at 11:59PM on November 30. The goal of NaNoWriMo is to get people writing and keep them motivated throughout the process.The main goal is to encourage creativity worldwide.

I might have a story idea or a few in my head somewhere. I might be able to do this. But, assuming I do do it, should it be officially or unofficially? How should I go about doing this, if I do it at all? I'm very lost when it comes to stuff like this, which is why I haven't made the decision to participate, but am only contemplating doing it.

That was the major thing I've been contemplating. Other things that are on my mind are roleplaying and warcraft related, but I'm not going to write about those here, as I want the main focus of my post to be about NaNoWriMo and people's opinions about it. I'd love to hear from people who've actually tried it in it's 15 year tenure (this will be year 16).

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Catching Up

Read an article this morning entitled How To Make A Clean Break With The Clingiest Social Networks. In it, it described how to delete your Facebook account as opposed to just deactivating it, which is what I had ended up doing, because I wasn't sure how to delete. So I logged back into Facebook, just long enough to go to the link that the article provided in order to delete my account. Which won't be deleted for fourteen days, incase I change my mind. Here's a clue, Facebook - if I haven't logged in for thirty days (since September 20th), than I am not coming back.

In World of Warcraft related news, I've been playing a little more than I have been the past few months, although still not a ton, admittedly. I'm getting closer to earning the Draenor Pathfinder achievement, which means that once I complete it, I'll be able to fly in Draenor....I just need to do a few pain in the ass things before I get there. What are those pain in the ass things? Collecting the treasure, gaining the Tannan rep, and waiting for the apexis assaults that I need (Skettis and Iron Siegeworks) to show up so I can do those. Did The Pit the other day, and that was a pain in the ass. Not too worried about completing the quests and exploration in Nagrand, however.

My Vampire: The Masquerade game set in Salem has been going decently well. A new player has come into the fold - a request made by her friend, due to her previous gaming group falling apart. I don't mind this person, although I don't know her very well, so I feel kind of awkward going into certain topics, such as what happened this past Thursday. Which reminds me, I really should make another journal entry post for my ST NPC character so that anyone who is interested can follow along. It's here (only an introspection post so far), and then another player has one here (though it hasn't been updated in a couple of sessions).

Just started my Changeling: The Dreaming game set in New Orleans last night, sans one player who was unable to attend the session due to real life circumstances. No problem there - we didn't get far, and I can easily work her in. The players had a lot of fun, which is good - though I admittedly started to lose focus near the end. For one reason, my kids were getting hyper, and for another, I felt as though I had nothing to do, except pay attention. My own fault - I didn't have anything specific for the players to do except get to know one another, and I hadn't yet introduced a character (though I'm thinking possible of introducing a mortal for them to glamour, or possible a Kinain. Granted...the mentor character I had in mind is Kinain himself. Hmmm...perhaps I will discuss more on it with my husband, as he is an experienced GM and player (though not necessarily in this game). and may be able to help me make a decision. Minor technical difficulties as well, due to not being able to hear two of the players as well as the third, though that may have just been a headset related thing.

In personal news, I have lately been exceptionally cranky and headachey the past week, and I'm wondering if it has to do with restarting a medication that I did not have for most of last month. While I could be wrong, I'm not so sure that I am. Looking at the facts and common side effects points to it being the medication's fault. Additionally, I've been feeling more depressed - been wanting to stay in bed and do nothing lately. Maybe it's me coming down from that time of month too, I'm not certain, but I think maybe I'll try calling the psychiatric nurse at my counseling center and see what her opinion is, since that's what she's there for.

Speaking of bed, I think I am going to head that way. I feel like I have a lack of things to do (which isn't true, I know I have things I could be doing), among other issue, so I'm going to lay down. Also, my back hurts.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Rough Day

I'm having a hard time today, and I have not pinpointed exactly why, although there has been enough evidence to support the theory of 'today will suck'.

My morning started after a rough night of sleep. I checked my email first thing, as I usually do (my phone sits right next to my bed, after all) and perhaps the tone of the day was set by a comment I received on one of my posts. It was very simple, just saying "Miss you on facebook :)"

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that I am missed, I truly do. But to have that extra tidbit thrown in just seems completely unnecessary, especially as I have expressed my reasons for leaving Facebook. It feels like I am trying to be drawn back into a place where I felt more alienated and emotionally stressed that I do now.

I'm not trying to say that this person meant it that way, of course - just that that was my reaction at 7am and barely awake.

I took care of typical weekday morning stuff and got the kids off to school before going back to bed for another couple of hours, getting up at around 10:30. I did breakfast, and then had to deal with a phone call from my mother-in-law about how to set up her Roku Streaming Stick (you literally just need to plug it in and connect to your wireless network). I finally had her call her cable provider to help with connecting to her wireless network. She's called two or three more times since then needing more help with things, and I've been doing other stuff so I haven't answered yet.

After breakfast and fielding phone calls and trying to sort matters out with the pharmacy and the doctor's office on my husband's behalf, I ended up taking another nap with him, waking up at around 1:30. For the past almost two hours I've fielded some emails from my mom asking how the kids and I are doing and if we did anything special for my husband's birthday yesterday, I have also attempted to contact the seller of an item I ordered off of ecrater, only to have the mail returned to me. The other email I sent on the 30th has not been sent back or responded to yet, so I am concerned that my item that I ordered for my husband will not ship out. If I have to file a grievance, I will, and when I get my money back I'll try to order it from elsewhere.

To further complicate matters, I haven't been able to get in touch with a friend whom I typically talk to every day and have heard from by this point, so I'm a bit concerned.

in any case, I'm going to try and make a few phone calls here and see if I can't get something to go right today, or at least prevent it from getting more annoying.

Thursday, October 01, 2015


Woke up in a kind of defeatist mood this morning - I think it's due to yesterday's new, and looming possibilities. I'll try to explain here. 
Yesterday I was supposed to have an appointment to review my medications and how I was adapting. As I was leaving, I got a call from the school, telling me that my youngest son was having a major meltdown and I was needed. 
I headed over to the school as quickly as I could legally allow, as the message that they had left for me made it sound pretty bad. I collected him, and he was happier after I was there. He helped put away things that had been thrown, and made apologies to all the teachers and the principal, and I took him home, whereupon I rescheduled my appointment for Monday. he was very well behaved after getting home. 
Interim report cards came home yesterday as well. My youngest is doing ok, if you go by his IEP. My middle child is doing beautifully, though she's disappointed by her lowest grade (it was a B). My oldest brought home the gamut, with commentary that he shuts down when he gets frustrated. So now my husband and I are trying to determine what's going on and how we can best help him. 
Added to yesterday's woes, we received a letter from the managed HUD property we applied for - we are denied due to "unfavorable credit history". This is especially frustrating for us, as we have been trying to get into this place for a year before they switched management on us. Not only that, but this management company owns one of the other low-income housing complexes in the city. That doesn't leave many options left if we want to get out of where we are at now. 
Looming on the horizon is the threat of government shutdown. If government cannot pass a budget by September 30th, I, and every other SNAP recipient, will lose benefits. How will I feed my family then? I don't know, so am hoping hard that some form of resolution occurs next week, and quickly, too. 
It's really stupid too, and all because of their stance on Planned Parenthood. It's not okay for there to be abortions, but it;s okay to starve those children after they're born (hell, even before they are born, because the mothers wouldn't be able to receive proper nutrition). 
I guess I'm opinionated this morning. Wouldn't you be though, if you were in my shoes? If you weren't, I'd be worried about you. 
I am hopeful though. 
If things work out, I should have a good month next month. I should be able to give my kids a good Halloween, and my husband a good birthday. It's also looking like I might finally be able to adopt my therapy cat.