Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I've gotten interested in some anime this season....I don't often pay attention to what's out there anymore, not for the past few years anyway, but for whatever reason I checked this time and found a couple I want to give a try.

Dance With Devils is first up in my "To Watch" folder. While three episodes are out so far, I have only seen the first, and there are technically two musical numbers in it, near the beginning, making me wonder if this sets the tone for the series. All in all, the first episode was enough to get me intrigued enough to watch more of this reverse harem anime from Funimation. For information on a per episode basis, head here.

Ritsuka Tachibana is a female second-year high school student who attends Shiko Academy in Shiko Town. She enjoyed her school life while living with her mother Maria, but one day, that balance fell into ruin when she discovers several of her attractive, male classmate are demons.

Diabolik Lovers, More Blood is the second season, the first being just Diabolik Lovers. I gave the first episode a chance, and it's shorter than most anime - only fifteen minutes in length. And it's kind of...forced? I feel a lot of tropes coming on. I mean...the girls tries to run away, falls, and skins her knee in a room full of vampires. How awful is that? Still, color me curious - I'm going to give it a few more tries.

Diabolik Lovers: The heroine, Komori Yui, was a normal teenage girl until in her second year of high school; her father, a priest, has to go overseas for work. As a result, Yui is forced to move to a new town and arrives alone at a mansion she was told will be her new home. As she approaches the front door it begins to rain. Because no one answers her knock, she reaches for the knob, but the door swings open of its own accord. Yui enters the mansion to find no one in sight. As she starts to explore her immediate surroundings, she finds Ayato asleep on a couch. He wakes up as she approaches him and promptly pins her down. As she begins to panic, five other young men gradually appear. Yui notices something different about all of them. She discovers that all six of them are brothers but by three different mothers, and they all turn out to be vampires...

Diabolik Lovers, More Blood: In addition to the six Sakamaki vampire brothers, four new brothers from the Mukami family: Ruki, Kou, YĆ«ma, and Azusa, enter the daily life of Yui Komori.

What is with me and harem anime this season, lol?


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