Monday, October 19, 2015

Changes & Other News

As you may have noticed, there has been a slight change to the blog.

Card of the Day posts have been removed from this blog. I have not stopped doing them, don't worry. I have simply moved them over to my group witchy things blog, Eclectic Esoterics, and am directing the sharing of those posts specifically to Pagan Reflections over on Google+.

Selfies of the Day have been removed as well. Don't worry - they're still being taken and they are being saved, in order to turn them into animated GIFs to post at the end of the month - basically, Selfies of the Day has become Selfies of the Month, and will still be posted to my Google+ page. I just did the GIF for September, and posted it here.

I signed up for NaNo today, under my usual nickname of Synderryn, and also located a NaNoWriMo community on Google+ and asked them for advice. I've yet to really pipe up in the other two writing related communities I belong to on G+, Writer's Discussion Group, and Writing Resources - though in looking up the links for those two I joined a third, Writing. I'm actually feeling some anxiety now that I've officially signed up for NaNo. I suppose because I haven't really decided on a story to write (still working on some ideas to flesh out, though I've created outlines for some) and because I haven't settled on what program to write in.

UPDATE: So far, in the NaNoWriMo  community, advice has been to not take things seriously, and figure out if I'm a planner or a pantser, lol.

I'm trying to figure out what other sorts of content I could place in my blog to be of more interest to people, or even just to  myself, that isn't just a constant rehash of the same old thing - though admittedly, my life is pretty simple with few changes in routine,

I could swear there were other things I wanted to discuss, but I can't remember them, and I've already been sitting here attempting to write this for a while now.


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