Monday, October 26, 2015

Random Thoughts

NaNo. It's coming closer, I'm getting more nervous about it, and because of my nerves, I'm creating more self-doubt/esteem issues. My husband is very supportive, and has helped me to calm down - at least for so far today. He has also posited that perhaps I'm getting the self-doubt because I am too close to the subject I chose to write about - in that I chose to write about a specific roleplaying character of mine that it in a current game (not run by me) and an NPC. As a result, I am now rethinking what I might write, and may work more on a secondary option this week (as something to occupy myself, primarily) and see what I want to do come Samhain.

I've finished the first season of Diabolik Lovers, and all that's out for the second season (Diabolik Lovers, More Blood), and I'm still not sure what to make of it. It's at least held my interest, despite short episodes, if nothing else. I wish the episodes were longer though (season one is 15 minutes, season two is 13 minutes...take out time for openings and endings, and that makes for some short episodes!), like the typical 20 minutes, and that they were the typical length for a season (about 24-26 episodes). I did learn that it's based off a series of PSP games, and not a manga as I had previously thought. Now I'm tempted to get an emulator to play them, lol. So apparently, I like the anime, if I must make a conclusion.

I still haven't gotten past the first episode of Dance with Devils yet. I tried to a little bit yesterday, but wasn't really  up for it, so I put the kibosh on it and will try it at a later time.

On a whim, I decided to check into when the next Dark Parables game would be released. I checked Blue Tea Games' Facebook page as opposed to their webpage (since that almost never updates) and found out, via comments on some of their more recent posts, that Dark Parables was now being done by Eipix - checking Wikipedia revealed that they've been in charge of the series since the 8th installment. I haven't played the series since the 5th installment, (but have all 9 of the current installments, and a 10th is to be released next month) so I can't really say how well or how poorly Eipix has done with the franchise.

Played a few hours of World of Warcraft today, and actually managed to get all of my Tanaan dailies done for once. Whilst killing rares, my husband got a mount drop from one, and he earned Draenor Pathfinder, so he is now able to fly in Draenor. I'm at 59.5% of the way to what I need with Order of the Awakened, and 66.4% with Hand of the Prophet. I had to check wowhead for those stats, so while I am there, I am checking to see what else I can do to get those reps up - and it looks like only the dailies, according to the guides. So apparently, it's gonna be a while yet. I could buy a few Medallion of the Legion, but I suck at making money, and at present only have 2k and change, when the medallions are anywhere from 4-6k on the auction house.

Gamed briefly last week, on a friend's birthday. but it wasn't a long session, and we largely only half half the troupe, and my leg started cramping up. I need to get in some time in with the other half of the troupe to cover the same amount of time. Due to scheduling, however, we wont be doing that game this week (Changeling). Salem is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, pending a player's availability (she had to cancel last week to focus on schoolwork, so we didn't play Salem at all). Haven't done the Ghouls game in a while, so am hoping to do that again soon, pending the other player's availability and relative health.

Supposed to do a Samhain ritual with friends this weekend as well. We were originally talking possibly later in the evening on Samhain itself, then switched it to the night before, and then just recently had to switch it to the day after. Halloween has always been more of a commercial holiday to me, but over time I've come to associate it with ancestor worship...I think partly because it's so close to the Day of the Dead. In any case, I want to try and do something ancestor just feels appropriate to me. So I'm going to look through my copy of The Might Dead by Christopher Penczak and see if there's any guided meditation suggestions or rituals in there that might be appropriate.

And with that I end this post. It's taken longer to write than intended (damn interruptions!).


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