Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Reflection & Preparation

Yesterday marked exactly one month since I quit Facebook. In that time, I have logged into it approximately once, and that was to follow steps I had found on an external site on how to delete your account, as opposed to just deactivating it. Occasionally, I will check the Humane Society of Sandusky County page, for any updated information on animals/adoptions. that has been the extent of my Facebook contact, and while it was odd at first, I've grown used to it - and you know what? I don't miss it. It has been better for my mental health, not seeing political propaganda and other assorted bullshit on a multiple times per day basis. I no longer get depressed or enraged at other peoples' statuses or lack of likes/comments on my own. End result? I feel much better about myself.

On the NaNoWriMo front, I've completed five outlines for five separate ideas. One idea has already been relegated as not appropriate for novel length, so has been put aside for now. I still have four to deal with. - I plan on seeking advice from friends on what,base don outlines, seems like it could be novel appropriate, and go from there (this process is how I determined the aforementioned idea was more appropriate for a short story format). I'm hoping to get it narrowed down soon (today would be nice), so I can flesh out some of the details needed for the story before I begin (characters, setting, etc) - at least a little bit more so that I can have a better idea of where I am going.


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