Monday, October 05, 2015

Rough Day

I'm having a hard time today, and I have not pinpointed exactly why, although there has been enough evidence to support the theory of 'today will suck'.

My morning started after a rough night of sleep. I checked my email first thing, as I usually do (my phone sits right next to my bed, after all) and perhaps the tone of the day was set by a comment I received on one of my posts. It was very simple, just saying "Miss you on facebook :)"

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that I am missed, I truly do. But to have that extra tidbit thrown in just seems completely unnecessary, especially as I have expressed my reasons for leaving Facebook. It feels like I am trying to be drawn back into a place where I felt more alienated and emotionally stressed that I do now.

I'm not trying to say that this person meant it that way, of course - just that that was my reaction at 7am and barely awake.

I took care of typical weekday morning stuff and got the kids off to school before going back to bed for another couple of hours, getting up at around 10:30. I did breakfast, and then had to deal with a phone call from my mother-in-law about how to set up her Roku Streaming Stick (you literally just need to plug it in and connect to your wireless network). I finally had her call her cable provider to help with connecting to her wireless network. She's called two or three more times since then needing more help with things, and I've been doing other stuff so I haven't answered yet.

After breakfast and fielding phone calls and trying to sort matters out with the pharmacy and the doctor's office on my husband's behalf, I ended up taking another nap with him, waking up at around 1:30. For the past almost two hours I've fielded some emails from my mom asking how the kids and I are doing and if we did anything special for my husband's birthday yesterday, I have also attempted to contact the seller of an item I ordered off of ecrater, only to have the mail returned to me. The other email I sent on the 30th has not been sent back or responded to yet, so I am concerned that my item that I ordered for my husband will not ship out. If I have to file a grievance, I will, and when I get my money back I'll try to order it from elsewhere.

To further complicate matters, I haven't been able to get in touch with a friend whom I typically talk to every day and have heard from by this point, so I'm a bit concerned.

in any case, I'm going to try and make a few phone calls here and see if I can't get something to go right today, or at least prevent it from getting more annoying.

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  1. I wish I could say I forgot something, but this happened after I wrote my last post. Since that post, my mother-in-law calls called roughly five or six more times.

    She thinks she's figured out her tv problem (she got some help from her cable company), but now I guess she's having printer problems (something having to do with her ink); something I told her I couldn't help her with.

    About 3:30 she called, and went into how she thinks she fixed her problem with the tv, and on about some other things, one of those things being that she thinks we're doing a good job of raising the kids...


    She and her husband don't agree with us allowing the kids to watch horror movies.

    My husband and I feel that the kids could handle trying some over the summer, and they's mostly Katy that watches them, and we've never had an issue with her having nightmares or even getting scared. But because they don't like horror movies and think they're gross, they don't think it's appropriate for the kids.

    Then there's reiteration on how well we are doing with the kids, and they think we're doing fine raising them and wouldn't try to tell us how to raise our kids...


    They wish the kids have some sort of spirituality in their lives.

    Excuse me? What makes them think that they don't? Just because it's not a christian belief doesn't make it any less valid. That angered me, quite frankly. I mean, wouldn't it upset you, when it's no one else's business?