Friday, April 22, 2016

Tattoo Ideas

This is it, the possible tattoo ideas I could think of. I tried to think of things that define me, like some of my favorite things or my favorite hobbies. Some things I looked at, I didn't think would translate well into a tattoo, or couldn't think of how to translate, or just plain couldn't find an image that I liked. I feel kind of bad that I can't come up with more options right now. That being said, I'm covering my two favorite hobbies here: World of Warcraft and roleplaying. Please give opinions? I also welcome new ideas. once one is settled on, I'll work on (maybe with your help?) figuring out size and placement

The Sabbat sect symbol. The more I play vampire, the more I think I align with their core beliefs (more or less), though Camarilla is generally easier to play/run. I would have put a clan symbol, but I can't think of any one particular clan I would want tatt'd on my body.

The symbol of the Blood Elves, my favorite race since the introduction of Burning Crusade (and not just because they're pretty!). From WoW Wiki:

The Icon of Blood is the racial crest of the blood elves, and symbolizes their fall and subsequent rise during Third War. The drop of blood represents their brethren who fell to the Scourge, while the phoenix on the shield represents their own survival and return to power in Quel'Thalas. The golden leaves likely represent the forests of Eversong Woods.
I've always felt like they got shafted.

POST EDIT: As the hunter symbol from wow is no longer in contention, I removed it from the post so as not to cause confusion to people who haven't seen the post yet.

PLACEMENT: Blood Elf Crest would either be left shoulder blade or left upper arm for more visibility. Sabbat Symbol would probably be forearm, either left or right - not entirely sure yet, however.


  1. I don't know that the hunter crest would work well as a tattoo, too dark overall, i know you've been talking blood elf and sabbat for a LONG time. both would look good IMO

  2. True...I didn't think about it being too dark. Thinking the crest would work best on my left shoulder blade (honestly, I've always pictured it there), and the Sabbat symbol my left arm, similar to the anbu symbol on my right arm. What do you think?