Saturday, May 07, 2016

Just Some Rambling

I haven't written in a while, because I never seem to know what to say. When I do feel like writing a post, it's usually because I want or need to vent about things going on in my life, yet I am reluctant to do so because this blog is public and I'm leery of inviting drama into my life by venting about things or people in my life and them coming across the post and reading it or judging me without knowing me or what I've been through.

Whatever, I guess. I suppose when/if I do decide to do venting blog posts I do have a resource for it - just not here. While writing the idle thought of a tumblr blog crossed my mind but thankfully common sense prevailed. Frankly, I can't stand tumblr...not the site itself nor the culture surrounding it.

Recently too I've been in the mood to do some writing, and I did actually write something the other day, in-character, as it were, and post it to my other blog. Hell, I think that blog has seen more activity than this one, but then, my life isn't as interesting, lol. Kind of in the mood to write today, however the focus isn't there. I try to think about picking up where I left off and I just blank because I can't focus. But then, it's the weekend and the kids are home and active, which means noise, so I guess the lack of focus thing is understandable.

Anyway....don't really know what else to say. Think I might try and change my blog layout. Again. Been vaguely toying with doing the selfies of the month again. Or a post-of-the-day thing. Not really sure, but would like to hear opinions, if anyone has any.