Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tarot of the Day - High Priestess

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: inner wisdom, receptivity, spirituality, meditation

Description: The High Priestess urges you to trust your inner wisdom.

Spend time in solitude and silence. Pay attention to your dreams. Trust your intuition. Notice synchronicity as you go through your days. Look for the answers you seek within yourself.
Practice spending time in meditation so that you can head your inner voice and tune in to your own rhythms.

Alternate Interpretation: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Booklet

she wields the power of the unconcious; driving away all that would mist you from being aware of the greatness within.

Normal Position: Wisdom, common sense, learning, serenity, objectivity, foresight, perception, emotionlessness,  impatience, unmarried, too practical, teacher

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 8:59am

Feeling: Awake.

Plans for the Day: Laundry. Checking the kids' job on dishes. Writing.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tarot of the Day - The Fool

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: trust, innocence, open mind, beginning

Description: When The Fool appears in a reading it is time for a new adventure.

Try to have an open mind. Don't make all the decisions about your path, or make assumptions about how it'll be before you embark. Stay open to surprises and unexpected opportunities. Anything could happen if you leave room for possibilities. Trust in the universe to keep you safe, then take the leap into the unknown!

Alternate Interpretation: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Booklet

With gleeful expression, a world of innocence and wonder awaits. Will he know, however, of the dangers that wait, along its highway?

The Fool represents the spirit.

Normal Position: Folly, mania, extravagance, delirium, frenzy, insecurity, frivolity, passion, enthusiasm.

Thoughts: For me it essentially says to expect the unexpected - hopefully the unexpected will be good things!

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 9:19am

Feeling: Crampy. Awake.

Plans for the Day: None.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Nine of Wands

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: wounded, experienced, guarded, perseverance, inner reserves

Description: The Nine of Wands is a card about wisdom and strength gained through experience.

When this card comes up in a spread think back to a time when you've been in a similar situation - what lessons did you learn then that you can apply now?

This card could be serving as a warning. It could be that you think you know what to expect, and have your defenses up to protect yourself. Though we do learn from experience, there is always the possibility that things will turn out differently than we expect and that people will surprise us. Be wary of self-fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes when we expect the worst, that's exactly what we end up getting.

Notice how you got to where you are through  your own choices. You are not a victim. If you are not satisfied with your current position, you can  make a choice to change that too.

Alternate Interpretation: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Booklet

It seems that around every corner awaits something that wants to hurt us or take us down. Well now it is time to learn from experience and stand strong in the face of adversity. 

Normal Position: Expectation of difficulties and changes, awaiting tribulation, anticipation, hidden enemies, deception, discipline a pause in current struggle.

Thoughts: My only thought is that this is an interesting card to come up on a day I had a therapy appointment and we were discussing my PTSD.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 2:27pm

Feeling: Crampy.

Plans for the Day: Laundry. Pick daughter up from drama. Take daughter to her orchestra concert.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Tarot of the Day - King of Cups

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: wise, emotionally mature, experienced, composed, calm, healer, counselor, father

Description: This card could represent a person you know or will encounter or some aspect of yourself that is present or to call upon now.

The King of Cups is emotionally mature.

He is able to observe his emotions and respond in wise ways to them. He is a wonderful counselor and adviser. He is a careful, empathetic and understanding listener. he gives good advice and makes a wonderful mediator.

He has a big heart, is extremely caring and makes a wonderful husband and father.

He is imaginative and able to channel his emotions in creative ways. He loves the arts and beautiful t hings.

He  may seem emotionally detached, but this is not only because he is calm and mature, not because he doesn't care.

Alternate Interpretation: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Booklet

Now that you have found me, be regardful of your actions and do as I would do. Diplomacy is better than force; staying calm within a crisis are just two ways to rise above negative situations.

Normal Position: Responsibility and creativity, learned person, professional, businessman, a considerate person, kind, reliable, artist, generous, lawyer, scientist.

Thoughts: This card felt important the minute I flipped it over, due to the wolf imagery. I included the alternative interpretation this time to see how well it matched the Galaxy Tarot interpretation. I like the part in italics - that comes from the booklet, and seems more direct at telling you what is important, as opposed to Galaxy Tarot. So I may keep doing alternate interpretations for a while.

In any event, I interpret this ti mean I should be calm and levelheaded today. Don't get nasty and argue, just try to stay calm.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 9:27am

Feeling: Sore. Tired. Awake. Bored.

Plans for the Day: Laundry.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Queen of Swords

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: intelligent, truthful, clear communicator, self-aware, independent, teacher, writer

Description: This card could represent a person you know or will encounter or some aspect of yourself that is present or to call  upon now.

the Queen of Swords is a very independent woman. She has great clarity of thought and pursues her desires with strength and maturity. She treasures solitude and is able to overcome loneliness by pursuing independent projects. She has a very sharp mind and a keen sense of justice and fairness.

She has great self-awareness, but may be overly critical of her own thoughts. She would benefit from developing greater compassion for herself.

She may have experienced great loss or sorrow in her life. This experience has enhanced her wisdom.

Rational thought is sometimes at the cost of emotional insight for the queen. She can be cutting with her words and is well advised to consider others' feelings when she speaks the truth. It is possible to be both honest and kind.

In a reading she may represent that professional counsel should be sought. When choosing an expert, look for someone who seems to have forthright and clear characteristics of this queen.

Thoughts: I think this card is telling me to go to therapy. My appointment isn't until Tuesday, card!

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 10:15am

Feeling: Awake

Plans for the Day: Take Nyxie to the PetVet clinic to get her 12 week shots.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Ten of Pentacles

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: legacy, permanence, wealth, ancestors, wisdom, home

Description: The Ten of Pentacles is a card of physical security.

It could mean a successful financial venture, an inheritance that will provide for those concerned, or an auspicious partnership. It is also a card of traditions so could represent a holiday celebration or doing things the way they have always been done. If you have a question about what you should do, think back to the way your elders would solve the problem.

The warning with this card is that you may be thinking that financial wealth is the only kind of wealth there is, and may be forgetting about spiritual and emotional wealth. Is there a cost that you have not considered in achieving the comfort you desire?

Thoughts: certainly is the right time of year for holiday celebrations. I can't think of any specific traditions in my family, apart from one grandparent on Xmas Eve, and one on Xmas Day. I haven't gone to Xmas Day in quite some time though. Too many people in one small apartment, some of whom smoke. Just not comfortable for me. Financial wealth would certainly be nice, but spiritual and emotional wealth are too. I'll take whatever blessing the gods are willing to give.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 8:14am

Feeling: Awake

Plans for the Day: Take mom shopping, go to the library, possibly have one of the kids' friends over.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Tarot of the Day - The Star

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: optimism, renewal, boundlessness, peace, astrology

Description: The Star is a card of hope, peace and renewal.

After the destruction of The Tower, The Star brings optimism for a fresh start. When The Star shows up in a reading have trust in the constantly changing nature of the universe. After the darkest hour comes the dawn of a new day.

You are on a healing path. Be sure to nurture both the physical and spiritual aspects of your life. Do what is practically required, while at the same time visualizing an ideal future. Calmness and stillness may be required to heal completely.

If someone in your life needs healing, The Star is telling you that optimism and gentle nurturing are required.

In a creative venture, The Star can be a sign of success.

This card can also indicate astrology and other divine arts. Pay attention to the cosmos.

Thoughts: I think it's telling me to keep up with the spiritual work I've started. Beyond that I don't know.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 9:10am

Feeling: Awake

Plans for the Day: None

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Tarot of the Day - The Hermit

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: solitude, introspection, perspective, wisdom, guidance

Description: The Hermit indicates a need or desire to withdraw from the world. He is a wise old man, who has learned much about himself and his world through deep introspection and meditation.

When you see this card in a reading, your soul may be craving a retreat in order to replenish and restore. By taking a space and solitude now, you will be ready to engage with and guide others when they most need you later on.

The answers you seek will be found within you, not in any book or on any website.

The Hermit may also be advising you to seek the guidance of a wise counselor or mentor.

Thoughts: On the solitude thing, I can understand that. I feel frustrated that my youngest son's school day has been halved for the time being, cutting into my alone time. Yes, my husband is still here, but I don't have the added frustration and noise of three kids to deal with as well. Mind you, I love my kids - I just need a break once in a while, and so does my husband. Today while all three are at school there is an hour long counseling appointment for my husband, and the kids will be home an hour after that. Kinda frustrating.

On seeking answers, perhaps I need to try and mediatate today, and see if anyone has any messages for me. I've been trying to do daily devotionals as well.

As for advice, well I have to assume I'm supposed to ask  my friend Teagen - this is her card after all :p

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 9:39am

Feeling: Awake

Plans for the Day: Taxi people to appointments, pick up daughter after drama rehearsal.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Knave of Wands

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

*Note: Galaxy Tarot Pro does not have an entry for Knave, so I am substituting Page for Knave

Keywords: enthusiastic, adventurous, inspired, new desire, new identity, new idea, new journey, inspiring news

Description: This card could represent a  person you know or will encounter or some aspect of yourself that is present or to call upon now.

The Page of Wands is a youthful, enthusiastic, creative person. He is excited and willing to embark upon new adventures. He is healthy and full of vital energy. He is learning to use his energy to meet his goals.

This card could indicate eagerly beginning a new project or setting off on a new adventure

This card could also represent exciting news!

Thoughts: Exciting news could be fun, but I'm not anticipating anything. New project? Well I was considering just yesterday trying to write something that wasn't rp related. No further thoughts.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 9:01am

Feeling: Awake

Plans for the Day: Grocery shopping

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Four of Wands

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: results, rewards, celebration, teamwork, gratitude, home

Description: When this card appears in a reading it's time to celebrate your accomplishments. You've had success in your journey. Take time to honor your hard work.

The Four of Wands marks completion of some stage. It could be a birthday, a wedding, a successful school examination, an anniversary, or the purchase of a new home.

Whatever has been completed, now is a time to look back on your accomplishment and take stock. Give thanks to those people and for those things that have helped  you get to where you are.

It's also a time to look forward. What has brought you this far? What new things would you like to manifest as you move into the future?

Thoughts: Not sure what this means for me - seems like a card more meant for a couple friends of mine. What have I accomplished? It feels like little to nothing, although there has to be something, right? I always have a hard time figuring out stuff like this because I feel like I should be doing something big, not something little like making it out of bed and wearing clean clothes for the day and remembering to take my pills - that just seems small and petty, you know? On the other hand due to my mostly being depressed, maybe it really is an accomplishment.


Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 8:31am

Feeling: Awake

Plans for the Day: Take care of errands I didn't get to yesterday.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Queen of Cups

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: empathetic, receptive, sensitive, introspective, psychic, emotional, loving, dreamer, counselor, mother

Description: This card could represent a person you know or will encounter or some aspect of  yourself that is present or to call upon now.

The Queen of Cups is a mature, sensitive, romantic person. She is an empathetic, soothing and kind listener. She helps others to understand their own emotions.

She is connected to her higher self and receptive to messages from her dreams. She pays close attention to her feelings and intuition. She always listens to her heart.

She is a loving mother. She gives much to others and may require solitude in order to restore herself. Being near water restores and inspires her.

She is artistic and visionary.

She can sometimes be moody, emotionally manipulative, or deceitful.

Thoughts: Jeezy Creezy this card makes me think of me. Perhaps today this card is telling me to pay attention to myself a little more?

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 8:08am

Feeling: Awake

Plans for the Day: Probably more laundry. Get rent taken care of. Pick up prescriptions.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Knight of Swords

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: revolutionary, philosophical, impatient, rushing ,explorer, debate

Description: This card could represent a person  you know or will encounter or some aspect of yourself that is present to call upon now.

the Knight of Swords is a sharp-minded, direct and idealistic person. He is a great problem solver and debater. He is rational and doesn't let his feelings drive him. He can be headstrong and impatient. His communication is very direct and often piercing.

He feels very passionately about his own ideas and will spare no one's feelings in getting his point across. Although he is very intelligent he often jumps to conclusions.

Thoughts: Doesn't sound like me. Then again, maybe it does. I don't know - I'm a poor judge of character when it comes to myself, I feel.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 10:26am

Feeling: Indifferent.

Plans for the Day: Laundry I never got to yesterday.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Wheel of Fortune

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: tacking action, change, movement, destiny, luck, expansion

Description: The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that change is inevitable. However things are now, they will most definitely not stay the same forever.

We don't always have control over what life sets in our path, but we can decide how we respond. Try not to get too attached to one way of being. Don't try to control everything; you can't.

The Wheel of Fortune advises you to center yourself so that you can stay calm and make good decisions when your world seems like it is spinning out of control.

If you've been down on luck, it is quite likely that the Wheel of Fortune is indicating a change for the better.

Thoughts:  Change isn't a bad thing, especially a change for the better. If I could consider always being low on funds to be down on my luck, a change in that regard would be most welcome, however I don't see it happening. I'm not really sure what changes, if any, are forthcoming, but I don't foresee too many issues embracing them. Then again, I suppose it depends on what they are.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 10:21am

Feeling: Tired. Unsure of what to do.

Plans for the Day: Deal with the in-laws when they come down for a visit. Laundry.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 9:46am

Feeling: Awake. Hungry.

Plans for the Day: Maybe do some laundry. Maybe take a nap after Ethan goes to school. honestly not sure.

Tarot of the Day - Nine of Pentacles

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: earned rewards, fruits of labor, luxury, self-sufficiency, discipline

Description: This card in the Waite Tarot portrays a well dressed woman in a beautiful garden. She got here by working hard, and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor. She acted with discipline, taming her impulses like she's tamed the bird on her arm.

When this card appears in a reading it may be a time to act with such discipline. You will accomplish much by quieting your animal instincts.

It could also be a time for self-reliance, for taking charge of your own future. You may be craving more independence. This card could also mean that  you have already accomplished much. Now it's time to indulge in rewards that you deserve. Pamper yourself. Take yourself out on a date.

It could also be telling you that  you give off the impression of not needing anyone else, or could represent somebody else that gives that impression.

Thoughts: Was hoping for a non-repeat card of one I had done recently, but it is what it is. As for interpreting this card for the day, much like last time I am not sure what it could be talking about.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Seven of Pentacles

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: assessment, patience, trial and error, feedback, editing

Description: You have been working on some project. Now is the time to stand back and evaluate whether you are on the right path.

What are your goals? Are  you still directing your action towards those goals, or have you been sidetracked? Have you been in a similar situation before and if so what did you do well then? What could you have done better?

If things are not working out the way you want them to, now is the time to look at what you can change. You are making progress, but some readjustment may be necessary before  you can achieve mastery.

It may be that someone else is evaluating your work at this time. Try to learn from this criticism without getting overwhelmed by the negative feedback. You are not failing; you are learning!

Thoughts: Not really sure what project I'm working on, to be honest. I roleplay with my husband, I write based on things in that roleplay, and I've started doing evening prayer/devotionals. I don't know how any of that would relate to this card, however.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 10:58am

Feeling: Awake. Bored.

Plans for the Day: Make a trip to the store.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Knight of Pentacles

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: loyal, dependable, practical, hard working, cautious, attention to detail

Description: This card could represent a person you know or will encounter or some aspect of yourself that is present or to call upon now.

The Knight of Pentacles is a cautious, slow-moving, dependable person. He is very careful about everything he does, and sometimes gets so caught up in the details that progress is halted. The progress he does make, however, is sturdy and long-lasting.

He is a loyal and reliable friend. He may sometimes be boring or stubborn, but he gives well-thought out and practical advice. He can be controlling and may value principles and rules over all else.

He values comfort and security, and loves luxury.

He is able to take what he's learned from academic studies and past experiences and use it in very practical ways.

Thoughts: I like to think I am a loyal and reliable friend, at least to my closest friends, and I do think I'm sometimes boring, and I know I am stubborn. I try to give good advice. Though what this card is trying to tell me for today, I don't know.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 11:07am

Feeling: More awake then I did earlier today.

Plans for the Day: Make a quick trip to the store. Get Ethan off to school.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Ace of Swords

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: realization, truth, intellect, clarity, communication

Description: When this card appears you will be presented with an opportunity to use  your mind to cut through obstacles.

There may be a problem to solve which will lead to personal growth. You will have the mental focus to make new plans, develop new strategies, and commit to effective action.

A new truth will occur to you. You will understand something in a new way. You may gain a fresh perspective on an  old issue, a perspective that is clear and true.

When this card appears it may be an opportunity to cut away what is unnecessary and leave it behind.

This card indicates an opportunity and the necessity to do the right thing. Like all Aces, the opportunity must be grasped in order to develop.

Thoughts: Again, not really sure what to think, although I could be tired. We'll see what the day brings.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 8:28am

Feeling: Tired.

Plans for the Day: Try to get some sleep before Ethan goes to school. No plans for rest of the day.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Nine of Pentacles

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: earned rewards, fruits of labor, luxury, self-sufficiency, discipline

Description: This card in the Waite Tarot portrays a well dressed woman in a beautiful garden. She got here by working hard, and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor. She acted with discipline, taming her impulses like she's tamed the bird on her arm.

When this card appears in a reading it may be a time to act with such discipline. You will accomplish much by quieting your animal instincts.

It could also be a time for self-reliance, for taking charge of your own future. You may be craving more independence. This card could also mean that  you have already accomplished much. Now it's time to indulge in rewards that you deserve. Pamper yourself. Take yourself out on a date.

It could also be telling you that  you give off the impression of not needing anyone else, or could represent somebody else that gives that impression.

Thoughts: Again, not entirely sure what this card is trying to tell me. All I can think about are the various errands I have to do today - take Ethan to his appointment, drop off library DVDs, pay the water bill, and go to the store to pick up a loaf of bread and my husband's script. I really don't know what to think.

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 9:02am

Feeling: Tired.

Plans for the Day: Take Ethan to his appointment. Run some errands. Try to get a nap after Ethan goes to school. Write some more?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Three of Swords

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: loss, sorrow, betrayal, necessary sacrifice

Description: The three of Swords in a reading indicates some sort of difficult loss. Whether it is the end of relationship, the loss of trust due to betrayal, rejection, losing your job, the end of some sort of ailment through surgery, or letting go of some sort of way of thinking that has ceased to be useful, the loss will not be easy. However, this release will make room for further growth and maturity.

It is difficult to be optimistic when we are in pain, but pain is a strong motivator to change. When you feel pain, and do something to fix it, you grow.

Thoughts: I honestly have no idea what to make of this card and what it means in my life. the only significant losses I can think of are my cat Thaco back in October, or my Dad last March. I've terminated no relationships, have not been betrayed (insofar as I know), not been rejected (as far as I can remember), do not work so have no job to lose, have never had surgery, and as for the way of thinking, I suppose that's possible, but nothing comes immediately to mind.

If anyone has any ideas, please share with me. I'm at a loss.


Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 10:15am

Feeling: Kind of bleh. Somewhat creative.

Plans for the Day: Maybe get to that laundry I never got to  yesterday. Write. Listen to music. Maybe play some World of Warcraft.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Selfie of the Day

Time Taken: 10:00am

Feeling: Tired. Mild headache. Blah.

Plans for the Day: Take Jack to his friend's house, maybe do some laundry. Possibly some world of Warcraft. Unsure beyond that.

Tarot of the Day - The Devil

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: attachments, restriction, commitment, limitations

Description: When the Devil appears, there is something you do that feels good, but is not good for your health or well-being. You know you shouldn't have another glass of wine, charge those shoes to your credit card, or fall into bed with that troublesome lover, but you do it anyway.

You may be ignoring your higher self and be disconnected from spirit. In some way, you are deceiving yourself.

Sometimes the Devil shoes up when a little fun is exactly what you need. Sometimes we need to let go, break our own rules, and forget about the consequences until tomorrow.

Thoughts: I'm not really sure I know what to think. The second paragraph, the one about ignoring higher self, seems to stand out, however. I'm going to interpret that as I need to start reading my books and doing affirmations. I just need to get into the routine.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Tarot of the Day - Temperance

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: combining, creating, compromise, experimenting

Description: now is a time of adjustment. Two or more things are coming together to create something new. You may be integrating your life with someone else's, integrating your work and home lives, or integrating spirituality in your everyday life.

Whatever project you are working on, be sure to change a little, then step back and assess the results. Like a scientist, change one variable at a time, and then see what happens.

Find your balance before moving forward. Use your emotions and be practical too. in a situation with another person, compromise will be necessary.

If you've been feeling off-kilter seek balance between work and play, feeling and doing.

Thoughts: I am trying to figure out how to integrate spirituality more into my everyday life. That's why I'm doing this project, to help me get started. As for the creativity process, I am supposed to roleplay today - that's all I can think of as far as that goes.

Selfie of the Day - Black Friday 2017

Time Taken: 9:08am

Feeling: Tired

Plans for the Day: Take a nap, help kids get dishes done, roleplay with friends, make dinner.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Selfie of the Day - Thanksgiving 2017

Time Taken: 11:42am

Feeling: Somewhat depressed, getting over being agitated; headachey.

Plans for the Day: Some writing, prepping Thanksgiving dinner, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, eating Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe playing some World of Warcraft. Listening to music.

Tarot of the Day - Ace of Pentacles

Deck: Anne Stokes Legends Tarot
Interpretation: Galaxy Tarot Pro

Keywords: opportunity, healthy beginning, investing, planting seeds, grounded

Description: This card presents an opportunity for real, concrete growth. It can be the beginning of a new project, a chance to improve your health, a gift that you can use for further gain, money that you can invest in your future, a new job opportunity or a chance for promotion, or even a good time to start a garden or begin improving your home.

This is a time to strengthen your roots, to ground and center your body, and to begin building the foundation for the future.

This card may be telling you to spend time in nature. You will find fresh inspiration there.

Like all the Aces, this is a seed that must be nurtured in order for it to come to fruition. Don't overlook this gift you are being given.

Thoughts: Seems like it's a good card for today (Thanksgiving), especially seeing as how I decided I would revisit doing a card a day and a selfie a day, as a way to put myself out there and try to finally start on my path. I just need to stick with it.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's A Process...

A while back, I was watching's Top 10 Frontwomen In Hard Rock And Heavy Metal because it showed up under recommendations. I made a list of bands that sounded interesting, based on the clips they showed, plus a japanese band (not in the video) I've been meaning to check out.

That was a while ago. Today I went to Wikipedia and made a list of their studio albums, then cross checked that list against what Spotify had available. Here is that list:


  • The Phantom Agony* 
  • Consign To Oblivion 
  • The Divine Conspiracy 
  • Design Your Universe 
  • Requiem For The Indifferent 
  • The Quantum Enigma 
  • The Holographic Principle

Within Temptation

  • Enter* 
  • Mother Earth 
  • The Silent Force 
  • The Heart of Everything 
  • The Unforgiving Hydra

Lacuna Coil

  • In A Reverie 
  • Unleashed Memories 
  • Comalies 
  • Karmacode 
  • Shallow Life 
  • Dark Adrenaline 
  • Broken Crown Halo 
  • Delirium

The Pretty Reckless

  • Light Me Up 
  • Going To Hell 
  • Who You Selling For


  • Babymetal 
  • Metal Resistance

The asterisk denotes albums that aren't available on Spotify. Presently I'm gradually going through the albums and adding songs I like to playlists. Beyond that, not much going on at present - just waiting for coffee to finish before I have another cup (am out of soda, and this will be my third cup since 6am).


Monday, May 15, 2017

Vampire 5th Edition

Just collecting all the information I've found out about it thus far into one spot in order to share the horror with friends of mine.

This first bit comes from 4chan, I think it was:
  1. Becketts Jyhad Diary to be the setting and metaplot bible of V5
  2. Format will be one slimmer than normal core rulebook with all the game systems for each line starting with Vampire but to encompass eventually one for all 5 original games
  3. The lines will work together but whether they will be balanced to play together is unclear even to them at this stage. Nevertheless I am sure they will try to do so, for now they focus on what they need to develop.
  4. Demon, Changeling, and all other lines that came later may appear in other media formats before their tabletop games arrive
  5. In fact MET LARP rules for Changeling are now announced
  6. The philosophy with KotE is that is if they find someone from the area who can do it they will. They want to avoid the problem of having people write about a culture when they do not know it themselves. So go for it if you live anywhere in Asia and love these games.
  7. The fact that China is making moves around Africa was talked about as being very interesting from the point of the undead sects in those places now having interactions.
  8. Setting material will be presented seperately in huge books related to specific groups the first two being Camrilla and Anarch setting and source books
  9. The setting material will be the reference material for all creative projects from film to larp and tt - and there will be an online hub for sharing every aspect of the wod in every media. Contributors to this "storytelling vault" will be paid 50% of what their contributions earn.
  10. Vampires first two setting books will be Camarilla and Anarch with Sabbat to come later (see below for the metaplot reasons for this). These will release with the core rulebook for V5
  11. Art will involve much photography
  12. Blood Pool is gone. It was described as a gas meter and thus not very sexy. In its place is an elegant and well thought out system relating how you choose to handle hunger to the likelihood of frenzy. You will have composure as a resource. You can opt to spend this when faced with a situation where you want to resist doing something eg feeding at the sight of blood. If you spend it however you get a red hunger die or more in your pools (for probably all your rolls) which will act to increase your chance of entering frenzy. If you dont, you do something you dont want to, avoiding compulsion, but you will have more composure when the chance you frenzy comes up, and less hunger, meaning less likely to frenzy.
  13. Similar mechanics will replace Rage and other power supply traits in the core books for those games.
  14. Over 40 books currently in development. Hopes for an adult tv show by 2020.
  15. System will use dots and d10s and be recognisable to older fans. However some dice may be customised and the inclusion of hunger dice is a sign that further innovations of the d10 system are planned.
  16. Kenneth Hite of Trail of Cthulhu is on the team as V5 developer
  17. Vampires will have two looks, one for the mortal world and one for Elysium
  18. The Masquerade more important than ever
  19. Its so important the Anarchs have had to agree to join the Cam or be exterminated for not following the 1st Tradition
  20. The 2nd Inquisition is underway after government agencies have discovered the truth. And its brutal and ugly.
  21. The 2nd Inquisition ties in with the Technocracy AND Pentex but the vampires have yet to cotton on to how those spies keep outwitting their attempts to stay hidden...seems as if a new and truly ugly Massassa War may be brewing.
  22. The 2nd Impergium is underway with the Garou finally having presumably listened to the Red Talons (and presumably grudgingly accepted the Ratkins purpose) that humanity must be stopped. Werewolves have realised that Gaia is almost dead.
  23. The current world tensions between Islam and the west are in truth just the mortal facet of the Gehenna Wars
  24. The Gehenna Wars have mysteriously called many elders to the east, in something called The Beckoning, the Sabbat have been especially responsive. Some elders are resisting the Beckoning.
  25. Sabbat reveling in the chaos and war of our times and is now seeking out the ancients to utterly destroy them. This may be what The Beckoning relates to. The Sabbat situation is unclear.
  26. Camarilla more secretive than ever and Masquerade strongly enforced.
  27. V5 playtest tomorrow with Mark Rein Hagen in the house to give a keynote address (taking all 5 of my 1st eds to be signed!)
  28. V5 beta test to be released soon after convention so everyone can try it
  29. Documentary on netflix next year
The rest comes from the Onyx Path forums (and mainly discusses the playtest):

Originally posted by werewolf43 View Post
Any words from testers about mechanic changes? First impressions about glimpses of setting?

Yes. Lots, where to begin? I know


Only 3 Attributes - Physical, Social and Mental, 1-5 dots
Specialities for these Attributes like Strength, Charisma etc (the old atts) and others that were not old Atts add one die
Skills pretty much unchanged 1-5 dots
TN nearly always 6
Difficulty is now number of succs. needed
Disciplines are activated by "Rousing the Blood"
This means you add all your (red) Hunger die to the pool (they replace ordinary die). We started with 1 die.
Hunger die only added to skill based pools (including pools that use skills for disciplines) but not others like willpower.
Hunger die track 1-5
Hunger increased during play, but it happened to me only once and I cant recall the mechanical cause
Hunger went to zero when someone fed
Victims sometimes gave a small bonus to trait rolls (eg. the homeless guy gave a die for the next stealth roll I think). This was even when partially drained.
Each 1 on Hunger die triggers a Compulsion
Compulsions are clan based and the consequences situation based and were randomly generated. Our hungry Toreador walked into a burned out haven and became entranced by the beauty of the destruction. Police then crept up on him.
Compulsions could be overcome with Composure, but this left you with less Compusure to counter with should a Frenzy occur later.
Frenzy occurred when more 1s came up together (I think)
Willpower was 1-5 and could be spent to reroll all the failed dice, so long as there was at least one success
Humanity was in there at 1-10, but was not tested or afaik used in the beta, the focus was on other mechanics
Characters also had advantages like backgounds and merits, but these too were not a focus of play
The focus was really on how the mechanics and storytelling aspects of play integrated with one another
Im not going to give my views as I want that to brew for a while and to submit it to the offical feedback place first
The story was very dense - I dont think any table completed it in the 4 hours of play - and was a direct follow up to the events of the Enlightenment in Blood LARP which concluded the night before. The story became the first event of the new VtM metaplot.
It was set in Berlin in the current nights during an Anarch uprising that saw the final death of Breidenstein and numerous other vampires as well as follow up trouble coming from the Inquisition. We were all Camarilla neonates trying to find the vampire who had blood bonded us all. It was a clusterfuck. There were several classic moments in the story where the Hunger mechanics produced a genuine 'Vampire' moment.

I made one reporting error in my earlier post, the Anarchs are being forced out of the Camarilla, of course. But its a changed Camarilla, almost broken. The Anarchs are basically turning on a tyrannical, despotic organisation. The events in Berlin were the catalyst for a global change, as the Anarchs pulled the Camarilla to its knees here last week.
Generation was still in development but the idea talked about was that it would be less discernable and more difficult to know which generation your character or anothers actually was. Line of descent may be growing murky to the characters.
Gehenna (the actual events of any ToJ metaplot) was not revealed but my sense is that V5 will feature a selection of elements from ToJ blended togther into a new version of Gehenna which for now we only know as the Gehenna Wars.
The two looks for vampire I mentioned are cosmetic looks, nothing more. Vampires in Elysium dress (and act) differently. This I feel is a nod to the LARPers, who like to really go to town on a look that would often shred the Masquerade on the streets. Elysium is now a place where they can let their monsters show and relax.
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on combat - oh yeah! mostly between the characters as the situation was really intensive and desperate.
You could rouse the blood to increase any Attribute not just Physical. Also to heal.
Damage was really interesting, it came as either Superficial or Aggravated. Anything that could conceivably kill you was Aggravated for you. Aggravated damage was also very slow to heal.
You didnt take any penalty or injury until a certain level was reached (5 I think) then you took a nasty consequence that was dependent on the type of damage used.
The fighting was between the coterie members, the coterie and the German armed forces, the coterie and some very well equipped dudes who were likely New Inquisitors, and the coterie and some Anarchs. It worked well and was entertaining.
By the way, a little bird sitting in the middle of the nest told me that EDOM from Nights Black Agents were being ported or adapted into WoD...check out The Dracula Dossier for more on that little insight...and you'll realise this could easily be and probably will be part or even the heart of the New Inquisition.
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I'm still at the airport in Germany but I figure I'll add my own two cents to what deejay has posted. I'm not going to get too hung up on system minutiae as that's the most likely thing to change going forward. Instead I'll focusing more on mechanical concepts and applications.

The "big thing" that it seemed like this was a testbed for is the Hunger system as a replacement for Blood Points. The basic idea is that rather than decreasing the amount of blood you have you increase the amount of hunger you have. Rather than spending Blood Points you instead "Rouse the Blood" to accomplish a variety of things (basically all the same things you spend blood for under the current rules). A few subtle but important inclusions are that you must Rouse the Blood to awaken each night, any vampire must Rouse in order to not appear dead, and all uses of Disciplines require Rousing. You keep track of how many times you Rouse the Blood in a scene and at the end of that scene you roll that many dice. Any dice that don't roll a success add to your Hunger (a scale of 1-5). Any time you make a skill roll or skill-based Discipline roll you have a number of dice in your pool replaced by "Hunger dice," equal to your Hunger rating. These dice function like normal dice and can contribute successes, but if any of them roll a 1 you gain a temporary Compulsion from your Beast (note that 1s do not subtract from successes in these rules so you aren't getting double-whammied or anything). Compulsions are tics of your predatory vampiric nature that can vary in severity depending on the number of Hunger dice that rolled a 1. In the game I ran a Toreador was overwhelmed with strong emotion for someone in the scene, a Ventrue felt compelled to assert his dominance and leadership over the group, and another Ventrue felt incredible anxiety at the lack of order and structure they had without guidance from their superiors. These were all pretty minor Compulsions and we didn't have anyone fail badly enough to pull one of the nastier ones (though one character was walking around with 4 Hunger for a bit).
Hunger is reduced by feeding, shock of all shocks. There was a scale that told you how much Hunger was removed by feeding on what. IIRC animals removed 2 and feeding on a human without killing them removed 3. Feeding on a human and killing them in the process removes 4 and is also the only way to reduce your Hunger below 1 (temporarily), otherwise all vampires are assumed to always have at least 1 Hunger.
Honestly, it worked pretty well and everyone I talked to seemed to feel likewise. It needs refinement, something even Karim said in a couple conversations I had with him, but the core concept and system is actually surprisingly thematic and functional.

In this set of rules the extent of "you are what you eat" was getting small, temporary bonuses from feeding on certain people. They said this is something they want to continue with but are still developing a proper system for. At this point though assuming the final system for that has broadly similar outcomes to the listed effects in the playtest it doesn't seem like that addition to the system is going to be as huge and game-changing as some people were thinking.

The other addition that was generally a hit (with exceptions I'll talk about) was "Success With Consequences," wherein if the number of successes you rolled fell exactly one short of the number you needed you could choose to succeed but have the ST add in some complication or consequence. It only happened a couple times at my table and worked well both times. Other people I talked to reported similarly with the exception of one table where it apparently happened so often it became cumbersome to the flow. Seems like something that depends a great deal on the fall of the dice and the kinds of things the ST decides to throw in.

There are other smaller things I could go into, but deejay already mostly touched on them and I feel they're fairly minor details to really heavily scrutinize at this early stage.


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