Friday, April 07, 2017


~Written on Wed April 5th 2017~

Two years ago, my psychiatrist wrote me a script for a therapy animal. My landlords at that time were (and still are) very disagreeable people, and said absolutely no pets. Though as far as we could tell the law was on our side, we opted not to force the issue, incase they decided to evict us or go off the WSOS program, which was helping us with our rent. 

In November of last year, we moved into metro housing, which legally has to allow me the pet. The ladies at the office are aware that I've been prescribed a pet, but said I would need to get an updates script - the first one was too old. So today my psychiatrist wrote me a new script for a therapy animal. 

So tomorrow, when the office is open (they are closed Wed, Fri and weekends) I plan to show it to them. My next step is to contact the Humane Society and figure out what the process is for adoption, adoption fees, will I get shot records..that sort of thing. I probably won't be able to go out there until Friday, due to my husband having an appointment tomorrow, and their hours, it would be too much of a time crunch to attempt it tomorrow.

~Written on Thu April 6th 2017~

Some progress made on the cat front. In other words, I overcame a couple of anxiety hurdles. First hurdle was to get the script into the office so they could make a copy. Did that early in the morning, then took care of other errands. In the afternoon during my husband's appointment I called the Humane Society of Ottawa County where I wanted to go to see what their prices for cats were and what their adoption process entailed. The cats there were $90, and for the adoption form you had to have two personal referrals and a vet referral. The personal referrals I could come up with, but how am I supposed to come up with a vet referral when I haven't had a pet for six years? I asked as much, and they told me they might be able to waive it, but that's really what they look for. 

So I called the Humane Society of Sandusky County (where I live) and asked the same questions. Cats under a year are $90, while cats a year or older are $70. The adoption process was a simple form, no referrals necessary. So after discussing it with a friend and my husband, I went out to the Sandusky County Humane Society and filled out the application, and met with some of the cats (though not all of them. I was too nervous and had been gone a while already). 

I should hear back by next week Friday. The front desk lady put a note on my application for the lady that goes over them, because she thought it was real commendable that I want to let the cat choose me. 

I really, really hope this goes through.